WATCH: Mother Jones Creates Terrifying Mashup Of Donald Trump And Treatment Of Civil Rights Protesters


Throughout his campaign for presidency, many have expressed fear that, should he become president, Donald Trump would take the United States back to a time when blatant bigotry and hatred were tolerated. With his anti-Muslim, anti-Mexican, basically anti-anyone who isn’t a white American male rhetoric, these fears are pretty understandable.

Mother Jones recently created a visual that illustrates the fear of what Trump could do to the progress that has been made in the United States. The news site put together a video that juxtaposes Trump’s violent, hateful rhetoric from his rallies alongside footage from the Civil Rights era that depicts the way protesters were treated by police and those who opposed integration. The end result is terrifying, to say the least.

Throughout the video, viewers can hear Trump reminiscing repeatedly about “the good old days.” From wishing the he could punch a protester in the face, like he would have been able to in “the good old days” to telling supporters to “get [protesters] out of here,” the man who could potentially be President of the United States apparently has no trouble either with violence or with people denying people their right to protest him.

The video points out how easily “the good old days” to which Trump frequently refers could easily be the segregation era days when people were attacked with dogs and fire hoses and brutally beaten simply for not agreeing with the status quo and trying to fight against it. Things were not better in this time, no matter what Trump and his supporters might think.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Mother Jones via Facebook.

One of the worst things with Trump and the amount of violence that has occurred in his name is the fact that he refuses to take responsibility for any of it. In the Mother Jones video, Trump is featured in an interview saying that he hopes he has not done anything to encourage the type of violence that has been seen at his rallies. In another interview, Trump flat out said that he does not take responsibility for the actions of his supporters.

The videos and images featured in the Mother Jones video are quite old, but if Donald Trump is granted access to the White House, modern versions of the same type of thing could be available quite soon.

Featured image via screenshot from the video.