WATCH: This Fly Can’t Get Enough Of Trump’s Magnificent Stench At Anaheim Rally (VIDEO)


A lot of things about Donald Trump and about this election cycle would be funny if they weren’t so horrifying. You can take your pick from the idiotic things Trump has said about foreign policy, building a wall, any of the racist beliefs he’s touted, or most recently, his joke of a stance on climate change encapsulated in what he calls his energy policy. Luckily, there was a fly at a rally Wednesday in Anaheim, CA that wasn’t afraid to let Trump know how it really felt about him.

At the rally, Trump recited one of his greatest hits for the crowd:

‘So we’ve got to make changes. Remember this: it’s going to be about security. We’re going to have great security. We’re going to have great borders. We’re going to have the wall. We’re going to have the wall. We’re going to have that wall.’

The only problem is there was another actor up on the stage with Trump, and this one was tangled in his hair.

Hm. Now that’s a curious thing to see. And certainly everyone is lucky ABC7 was there to catch it. Now if only there were some kind of metaphor that would help everyone understand what the fly is doing up there in that very amazing, completely natural hair.

Unsurprisingly, it turns out there’s no shortage of such metaphors being thrown around already. For instance, earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel asked why Trump had supported Hillary in 2008. Trump offered a somewhat rambling response, so Kimmel helped him out by asking, “so you were full of sh*t?”

And Rosie O’Donnell, who has more than once found herself the target of Trump’s sexist insults, recently ranted at the Republican presidential nominee, saying that he was, among other things, an “orange piece of sh*t.”

It seems this little fly sitting so comfortably atop the real estate mogul’s hair has only confirmed what a lot of people have already been thinking about Trump. Now if only there were some kind counterpoint to all this Trump crap, some sign that could point the direction to a better choice for president, one without all the bitter racist, nativist, misogynistic hate. Oh, right.

Featured Image via ABC7 screengrab.