ATTN GOP: Ronald Reagan Consistently Vacationed While Americans Died Abroad


Over at The Daily Banter, Bob Cesca has made an incredibly good point about former President Ronald Reagan. While he was in office, it was awfully hard to get President Reagan to give up his vacation time for just about anything, and that includes when Americans were getting killed.

Cesca takes particular umbrage at right wing media’s recent attacks on President Obama for not being presidential enough when faced with all manner of crises. It happened when Obama visited Cuba in March, a trip that coincided with the terrorist attack in Brussels. Right wing media unleashed on the president over the “bad optics” of his attending a baseball game at the time. Of course this wasn’t exactly a vacation for the president and many Americans managed to recognize, despite the media reports, that Obama was in fact on an important diplomatic mission.

Still, it happened again when a gunman fired shots at the White House last week. President Obama was playing golf at the time, and this somehow became fuel for his detractors. How exactly he was supposed to know such a thing would happen remains unclear, but still somehow the President must be to blame.

Cesca, in response to all of this nonsense, put together a list of times Reagan remained on vacation while bad things happened around the world.

For instance, there was the time Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was assassinated and Reagan was photographed horseback riding at Camp David.

And then there was the time that two US Marines were killed and 14 were wounded in Beirut and the President remained on vacation at Rancho Del Cielo, California.

And last but not least was the time the Soviet Union shot down a Korean airliner, killing 62 Americans including a US congressman. That one was particularly bad because Reagan refused to give up his vacation and return to the White House for four days. The media at the time did in fact hit him pretty hard over that issue.

Check out the entire list, which is actually quite long, here, and watch below as Chris Wallace sets the record straight about Reagan’s vacationing during international crises for his junior colleagues at Fox News.

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons licensed under Public Domain.