HORROR: Facebook Accidentally Livestreams Professor Committing Suicide To Millions


On May 18th a standoff between Bangkok police and Lecturer, Dr. Wanchai Danaitamonut, was streamed live across the globe via Facebook. Reportedly, more than 40,000 people were watching when the livestream captured Dr. Danaitamonut shooting himself. He ended up dying later due to his self inflicted injuries.

The university lecturer was accused of killing two of his colleagues at Phranakhon Rajabhat University over a job related dispute, reports the Mirror U.K. The dispute was believed to be over academic qualifications with Pichai Chaisongkram, 56 but it remains unclear if Danaitamonut even had issues with Nattapon Chumworathayee, 54. Allegedly he shot both doctorate holding victims while they were giving an oral exam to a master’s student on campus.

When police arrived on the scene Danaitamonut raised his gun in warning and negotiators were called immediately to intervene and talk him down. His best friend was contacted, along with members of his family, who attempted to persuade him to turn himself in. While this scene was taking place a local TV station, Thairath TV, streamed the standoff via Facebook.

Wanchai pictured during livestream, photo via Kapook

Danaitamonut shot himself after a five hour standoff with police, according to a Facebook update from Thairath TV.

He was rushed to the hospital where, according to all reports, he died from self inflicted gun shot wounds. Matichon Online reported that The Bankok Post obtained a letter that Danaitamonut reportedly threw at police, detailing his grievances against one of the alleged victims.

In this age of technology where capturing live video and sharing it with the masses has become accessible to almost everyone through various free social media services, like Periscope, Facebook Live, Snapchat, and Instagram, the number of violent incidents being streamed seems to have increased quite a bit. Several suicides, assaults, and at least one┬árape have been streamed/posted this year alone. We can’t blame technology for these things happening though, they happened long before there were devices advanced enough to capture them happening.

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Featured image: screen shot from video via Kapook

H/T: Mirror.co.UK / Thairath TV