JUST IN: Judge That Trump Called A ‘Hater’ Orders Release Of Damning University Records


Shortly after Donald Trump railed on him for being a “hater” and “Mexican” at his San Diego rally, Judge Gonzalo Curiel ordered the release of internal Trump University documents as part of the ongoing lawsuit against the company. Included in the documents that Curiel has demanded be released are “playbooks” which advised sales people on how to market the expensive Trump University courses on getting rich through real estate.

According to The Washington Post, Curiel said in his order that Trump had “placed the integrity of these court proceedings at issue.” Curiel also indicated that whether a court decides to publicly disclose information depends upon “whether a party benefitting from the order of confidentiality is a public entity or official; and . . . whether the case involves issues important to the public.”

Trump University began in 2004 and offered courses in entrepreneurship, with Trump being a 93 percent owner of the company. In another article, The Washington Post describes it as follows:

‘Never licensed as a school, Trump University was in reality a series of real estate workshops in hotel ballrooms around the country, not unlike many other for-profit self-help or motivational seminars.’

In 2005, Trump University was required by New York State Education Department officials to change its name because it was misleading; five years later it was rechristened the Trump Entrepreneur Initiative, but it stopped operating altogether shortly after.

Now, three lawsuits are pending against Trump University: two in San Diego and one in New York. The New York attorney general is seeking $40 million in restitution. In the case of all the lawsuits, Trump University — and Trump himself, as owner and namesake — are being accused of using deceptive practices to bring in millions of dollars from customers who were told they would learn Trump’s techniques to become successful in the world of real estate.

Trump and his attorneys have said that the company will resume operation after the case is resolved, and, therefore, they do not want to release information that could damage the business. Curiel is less than sympathetic, though, ordering playbooks and other records, totaling about 1,000 pages, to be released by June 2. He is allowing time for telephone numbers and other personal information to be redacted.

As the presumptive Republican nominee, it is understandable that Trump wants this lawsuit swept under the rug before it negatively affects his campaign. He and his people maintain that the suits are unfounded, despite the seriousness with which Curiel and others are taking them. Jill A. Martin, vice president and assistant general counsel for the Trump Organization, said in a written statement in March that the allegations have “no substance.” We’ll just have to wait until the records are released, though, to see if that is true.

Watch Trump’s rant about Judge Curiel below, courtesy of Wochit News via YouTube.

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