Poll Asked Conservatives Why They Hate Obama, Their EXTREMELY Racist Responses Will Make You Sick


In case the last four years of obstructionism and attacks haven’t made it clear, conservatives really don’t like President Obama. Granted, they obviously disagree with his policies or else they’d be Democrats instead of Republicans, but their dislike of him seems to go deeper than mere policy disagreement. So why do they hate Obama so much? Well the conservative site, The Resistance: Last Line of Defense, created a poll to give us some insight into the conservative mindset regarding the President.

Before we go into the poll itself, we simply have to know what this “Resistance” is resisting. The way some conservatives go on about Obama, you’d think he was some fascist dictator who shuts down all dissenting opinions instead of letting people create websites dedicated to bashing him. Oh wait, that’s their guy.

So let’s take a look at the options on this poll: the failed economy, foreign policy failures, the shredding of the Constitution, he’s a Muslim terrorist, his skin color. Before getting into the really stupid options, let’s look at a couple of the more sane complaints.

As far as the economy goes, Republicans seem to be ignoring the fact that the Great Recession began under George Bush and ended in June of 2009. If we take a look at job numbers, we’ll see that, under Obama, the U.S. added more than 8 million jobs as of November of 2015.

The foreign policy issue is a bit more difficult to judge, as it’s a bit more subjective. However, we can say that the current president did kill Osama Bin Laden and didn’t get us mired into a decades long war, so that much has been successful. In fact, even the rise of ISIS can’t be entirely blamed on President Obama since ISIS didn’t exist until the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq established the region, an invasion which Barack Obama voted against during his time in the senate.

As for his supposed “shredding of the Constitution,” well that is a much more complicated issue and would require information about which specific issues the readers at Last Resistance are talking about. Certainly, some of Obama’s actions have been opposed by civil libertarians, but we suspect that a lot of Obama’s policies were praised, or at least went unremarked upon, by conservatives when they were done during the Bush era.

Now that the more sane complaints have been addressed, let’s jump straight into the crazy. The complaint that Obama is a Muslim terrorist is so absurd that we’re not even sure how to address it save to point out, once again, that it was Obama who ordered Seal Team Six to take down Bin Laden.

As for the skin color one, it’s hard to believe that that was even on the poll. It was just absurd, but on the bright side only 8% of the people who voted picked that option. On a less bright note, 27% picked the “Muslim terrorist” option. So at least 35% of the voters in that poll are bigoted, if not racist, which is really no better.

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