WATCH: Libertarian Presidential Candidate Just Declared WAR On Sanders And Trump Supporters (VIDEO)


Leading Libertarian presidential candidate Austin Petersen just called for “war” on supporters of underdog Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Petersen made his remarks in his opening statements at the final debate between the Libertarian candidates, which was held Saturday evening in Orlando, Florida. The Libertarians will formally choose their nominee for both president and vice president on Sunday; their convention has been going on since Thursday evening.

Petersen said:

‘Are we, the members of the Libertarian Party, prepared to go to war against the forces of Democratic socialism and populist nationalism?’

The first descriptor stands for supporters of Senator Sanders, while the second refers to Trump supporters.

At a later point in the debate, Petersen rehashed other obscenely virulent sentiments towards these groups, including calling supporters of the implementation of single payer healthcare, a group most publicly identified as Sanders supporters, “Communists.” Calling single payer supporters Communists hearkens back to serious and potent fear mongering of the Cold War era, and points to the potency of Petersen’s remarks.

Adding to the seriousness of Petersen’s hate mongering is the fact that the three times a Libertarian candidate has been included in national polling, he has garnered around 1 in 10 voters to his side. Such is fueled by the record unfavorability of the two front runners, the GOP’s Trump and the Democrats’ Hillary Clinton.

The voters hate both of them so much that they are willing to consider someone who openly advocates for things like the abolition of driver’s licenses, the ending of basically all major departments of the Federal Government, the free flow of all weapons, and the legalization of hard drugs, even for children’s use.

Really, it’s no joke — Petersen or his comrades called for all of those things at Saturday’s debate.

Brian Christian, a delegate at the convention seated with the Alaska delegation, said he was “extremely confident” that Petersen could win the nomination come Sunday afternoon. He even laid out a plan for how Petersen could win the White House, saying that his presence in the general election race would throw it into enough of a tailspin that the outcome would be decided in the House of Representatives, where Christian said he is confident that Petersen can prevail.

The Trump — and, to an extent, the Clinton campaign — has thrown open the door of American electoral politics, and all sorts of fringe groups, such as the Libertarians, are now poised to make an impact.

You can watch Petersen’s remarks below.

Featured Image is via Kimberly Newton, used with permission.