WATCH: Marco Rubio Gets BLASTED For Flip-Flopping To Support ‘Dangerous’ Trump (VIDEO)


Former Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio is trying to defend his about-face on Donald Trump. Just to put it in perspective, in late February, the Florida Senator joined the #NeverTrump movement. On March 1st, he said Trump “is dangerous.” On March 13th, Rubio said “It’s harder every day to justify” backing Trump. On May 26th, Rubio said he wants “to be helpful” to Trump.

Today, May 29th, he is defending the presumptive GOP nominee.

While saying Trump is not a white nationalist, he did admit on CNN that Trump has emboldened racists.

Jake Tapper brought attention to the fact that Trump was being supported by “some scary dudes” like white nationalists and other “hate groups,” according to Raw Story. Tapper reminded Rubio of robocalls touting Trump’s candidacy which were made by white supremacist groups.

“It’s offensive,” Rubio admitted. “And not just against me, but the fact that elements like that are still involved in American politics. And traditionally a candidate would disavow that and say, ‘I want nothing to do with it, I don’t want them as part of my campaign.’”

“He didn’t,” Tapper remarked.

“And I didn’t like that,” Rubio said. “And I said that at the time. And you know, it is what it is. Obviously, I don’t believe Donald Trump is a white nationalist. I don’t believe that those are his views.”

“But I do think that it’s unfortunate that people like that have found the ability to express themselves in this way in a campaign,” Rubio continued. “And I didn’t like it… I just don’t really think that there’s a place for that in our party and our country.”

Rubio said Trump’s remarks on Mexicans, saying they were “rapists,” was an “offensive comment.”

“And by the way, highly inaccurate,” Rubio said. “But here’s the trap you’re in. If you respond to it, [Trump] is getting what he wants. That’s why he’s sometime saying this, to dominate the [news] cycle. I don’t give him credit for what he said, but I give him credit for the way that he understands this stuff.”

“Media is a business and it’s driven by ratings, and based on your ratings is what you can charge your advertisers. And so, this content is interesting content,” he continued.

“It’s different,” said Rubio. “And it’s over the top. And it draws eyeballs and ears to hear what people are saying and see it. Donald understood that.”

“If you respond to it, it’s just giving more fuel to the fire,” Rubio added. “There will be even more coverage about it. If you don’t respond to it then [you are] someone who is basically looking the other way. So, you’re kind of in a bind.”

Watch courtesy of CNN:

So, Rubio is saying responding to Trump’s rhetoric isn’t wise and ignoring the acidic billionaire’s remarks is problematic, too. Rubio actually blamed the media for Trump. What isn’t wise, is for the GOP to create Donald Trump while screaming “What do we do NOW?” What a tangled web we weave.

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