Donald Trump Fans Explode With Racism, Call Obama ‘N-Word’ (VIDEO)


It’s become near common knowledge that anyone who says they aren’t racist is probably a pretty big racist, and Trump and his supporters are no exception. There are numerous times that Trump and his supporters have proven to be exactly what they so ardently say they are not.

Recall, for example, the time back in March when Trump argued at one of his rallies in Dayton, Ohio that President Obama has divided the country. One of supporters chose to show his agreement with sentiment by shouting above the applauding crowd, “f*ck that n*gger.” Watch the clip from that rally below, courtesy of jtrouptv via Instagram.

It seems that, in the eyes of Trump’s supporters, attending a Trump rally while being black is a crime in and of itself. James Troup, who recorded the above video, described his experience at the rally on Facebook:

‘I felt like at any point, the crowd was going to light torches and grab their pitchforks, and spill out into the streets.

The worst part was when their venom turned toward me. There were protestors around me who got ushered out, and then people started pointing at me, motioning for the Secret Service to “get him out of there”.

Now mind you, I hadn’t uttered a single word the entire rally, but people still said things like “Well what about this one? He needs to go too!”‘

In addition to their abhorrent behavior at rallies, Trump’s supporters, like him, love Twitter, and spend plenty of time supporting the demagogue and tearing down anyone who dares to disagree. Some of their delightfully “not racist” tweets can be seen below, riddled with offensive terms like “chimping out” and “thugs”:

And, finally, from one of Trump’s biggest fans:

Donald Trump, since he began has campaign, has encouraged racists and bigots to come out of the woodwork and flaunt their hatred for all to see. He has given representation to people who see equality for all as oppression for them. It is crucial, to the safety and progress of this country, that Trump not only lose the election, but that his supporters stop being given platforms to spread their hatred.

Even conservative sites like Red State have refused to support the presumptive Republican nominee. As they put it just today, “It is not enough that Trump fail. It is critical that Trumpism fail. That his style of campaign fail. That his rhetoric fail. That his followers fail. His failure must be total and complete. He must be utterly, irretrievably defeated.”

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