Fox News Polls Viewers About Latinos, The Violently Racist Responses Will Make you Cringe (RESPONSES)


It’s been pretty obvious for sometime now that Fox News has hopped on the Trump Train. The news corporation doesn’t air much of anything that would cast The Donald in bad light, and if we’re being honest, that’s a pretty tough job to do.

However, the Fox News-Donald Trump honeymoon period came crashing to an end Monday morning when the news network tweeted results of a poll that shed Trump is an extremely unfavorable light. A newly released Fox News poll found 74 percent of Latinos view Trump unfavorably, with just 23 percent saying they view him favorably.

In true Trump supporter fashion, Trump’s little minions took to Twitter to voice their outrage over the new found Fox News poll. It’s almost as if these morons somehow think Trump is completely innocent in all of this, and that he didn’t perpetuate the unfavorable rating with his outright offensive comments towards pretty much every racial/ethnic minority group in America.

The network also released a similar tweet regarding Trump’s favorability among women:

Of course, the female Trump supporters out there took to Twitter to voice their disagreement with the poll’s findings. If they support Trump, apparently it’s hard to imagine anyone else NOT supporting him:


Some people even echoed Trump’s distrust of the media:

And there you have it. Completely disgusting and vile comments from Trump supporters. So really, nothing new. By now, most of us are getting to use to this. Trump hasn’t taken to Twitter to say anything at this time, but it likely won’t be long until he calls out Fox News and the rest of the media for their “dishonesty.” Anyone that doesn’t go along with Donald Trump’s little charade suddenly “dishonest” or “irrelevant.”

Feature Image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license 2.0.