HATE CRIME: ‘Whites Only’ Spray Painted Across Texas High School Water-fountains (VIDEO)


Someone plastered “Whites Only” and “Trans Only” in green spray paint at Martin High School in Arlington, Texas. Was it just rival retribution or a high school prank? Or was this really a hate crime?

Authorities in Arlington, Texas, which is located between Dallas and Ft. Worth, arrested five Arlington High School teens for the crime of spraying racist graffiti at their rival high school.

According to arrest warrant affidavits, the graffiti included the phrase “whites only” spray painted above a water fountain and “trans only” defacing a men’s bathroom door. The teens also sprayed “payback for the parking lot,” “muck f*** fartin martin,” and the image of a penis.

The teenagers believed they were performing an end-of-the-year prank. But they actually committed a felony, which could result in one year in the county jail under Texas law.

Lt. Christopher Cook of the Arlington police commented to CBW.DFWlocal:

‘We do think they spent a significant amount of time at the school , based on the amount of graffiti on the school. What really drove the message though was some of that hateful graffiti, where one individual may be responsible for that.’

Cook also spoke to WFAA8ABC:

‘Anytime you have hateful messages, [it’s] very concerning. We’re going to look at that to know who did this [and] what is the motivation?’

Cook said the graffiti “several disturbing racial and gender overtones:”

‘The hate crime statute will be presented to a grand jury. Since they’re felonies, there will have to be a hearing for indictment.’


One student came forward and confessed. The next day, the rest also confessed. Ryan Westbrook, 17, Ethan Sigmund, 18, Christian Joeckel, 18, Hayden Honoloka, 17 and Cameron Bodenstab, 18, were “pretty remorseful.”

But authorities still booked, processed, and formally charged the young men. Bond was set for $2500 for each teen, and at this time, all of them have been released.

Watch the video below:

Featured Image: Twitter.