Richard Dreyfuss Just ANNIHILATED Celebrity ‘WHORES’ Who Back Donald Trump (TWEETS)


Everyone’s favorite funny guy just came out hard on Donald Trump and the celebrities he deems ignorant enough to endorse Trump for the presidency. Richard Dreyfuss took to social media to air his opinions on the “whores” in entertainment who are clearly too rich to be endorsing the Republican candidate.

New York Daily News reported this on the incident:

“The Oscar-winning actor, who starred in cult films such as “Jaws” and “Down and Out in Beverly Hills,” called Trump a “racist” who is “dedicated to hurting” young Latino Americans.”

Dreyfuss’ tirade is a direct jab at celebrity Trump supporters, which include: Tila Tequila, Gary Busey, Kirstie Alley, Aaron Carter, Jon Voigt, Ted Nugent, and Dennis Rodman, to name a few. Dreyfuss said this via his Twitter account:

dreyfuss31f-3-web-858x1024 Richard Dreyfuss Just ANNIHILATED Celebrity 'WHORES' Who Back Donald Trump (TWEETS) Celebrities Donald Trump Election 2016
Via NY Daily News

The 68-year old beloved actor says that he got the chance to meet Donald Trump in person at a party in Malibu, California. He said this about the impression the business mogul made on him:

“He got very upset that his date had the gault [sic] to speak with other guests. He acted like a small d–ked prick and pusher from the party and left [us] wondering if we had made a mistake [to let] her go with him.”

Dreyfuss then made sure to mention his encounter with one of Trump’s ex wives, Marla Maples, as well. He said this about his knowledge of her:

“Marla Maples rented my former house for a while and she was always very lovely and sweet.”

The tweets have since been removed from Dreyfuss’ Twitter account.