BREAKING: Elizabeth Warren Is Getting Ready To Endorse This Candidate For President In 2016

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(AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)

Buzz around D.C. from WaPost and others is that Elizabeth Warren is going to back Hillary Clinton after the upcoming Democratic primary election. It’s been reported that Warren’s team is in close communication with Clinton’s people, and that an endorsement is imminent. The Washington Post reported this about the connection between the senator and the former Secretary of State:

“Perhaps the biggest sign that a new effort is underway among liberals to begin healing fissures within the party comes from Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), the heroine of the left. Although Warren still has not endorsed Clinton — and remains the lone Democratic woman in the Senate not to do so — she has stepped up her attacks on Trump, and her advisers have begun communicating regularly with the Clinton campaign.”

“We are in regular contact with her team and are very excited about the prominent role she has taken in defining what’s at stake in the election,” said Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon. Both sides continued to insist that there is no formal coordination — and most likely, no endorsement by Warren until after the last round of primaries.”

This endorsement may seem like quite a shock considering Warren’s past comments about Hillary Clinton’s character, but it could just be a way to bolster the candidate she believes has a better chance, right before the June 7th California primary in which 475 delegates are up for grabs. California is an important state for both Democratic candidates because it is Bernie Sanders’ only hope of clinching the nomination from Hillary.

The popularity of Bernie Sanders has shown to be like no other candidate has seen this election year, yet he is behind in votes by an unimaginable margin. Elizabeth Warren may simply be acting to ensure that Donald Trump does not make it into the White House, at any cost. She, like many other intellectual liberals, know that a Trump administration would surely bring America to its knees.