Hillary, Bernie, & Obama Bullseye Targets Being Sold By This Dangerous Company


Gun shop owner Andy Hallinan offers Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and President Barack Obama likeness targets and plans to make a handsome profit off of these items for sale on his website. Last year, he drew criticism for banning all Muslims from his shop. Hallinan considers himself an “American Patriot,’ who says “Bernie Stickers” inspired him.

Hallinan, who sells politically incorrect paraphernalia, brass knuckles, and “liberal tears” gun oil on his webpage, says this is how he began his journey into the politically incorrect business:

‘Once upon a time, the owner of this website, Andy, was in Massachusetts for a 2nd amendment rally. He came across this silly blue car with Bernie Stickers all over the back of it.’

‘Feeling that this car was pulling too much to the left, Andy tried to straighten it out by adding a couple of Muslim Free Zone stickers over the Bernie Sanders stickers. (It’s important to note that it was raining out, and Andy KNEW the stickers would come off easily since it was wet, and that no permanent damage would be done.)’

When Hallinan put his “prank” on YouTube, it went viral. As a result, he started a website, www.bernietargets.com. The gun shop owner has another marketing idea for this political season: selling Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and President Barack Obama targets.

The politically incorrect target pictures the head of one left-leaning politician, and imposes a bullseye directly over it. Hallinan has currently marked the paper targets down from $9.99 to $4.99 on sale.

The website description of the Sanders target says:

‘It’s time for this Bernie Sanders target to Feel the Bern of LEAD!’

‘Speaking from personal experience, Bernie Sanders Supporters are the most vile type of supporters on the planet. If you’re a business or a person who doesn’t believe in them: watch out. They’ll make you “feel the BERN” by fire-storming your business with bad reviews, prank calls, and social media harassment.’

‘Make them BERN: buy your Sanders target today!’

Hallinan says that it is legal to have this sort of target:

‘Yes, of course it is. In America, it’s part of your 1st amendment right to light on fire, shoot, or otherwise destroy any picture of any person or political figure – as long as there is no credible threat to their lives.’

‘So don’t worry: you won’t have the Secret Service knocking on your door for purchasing or shooting these targets!’

The gun supplier calls his targets of President ObamaObummer Targets,” and says:

‘Sick of the Obummer Destroying Our Nation? Light This Target Up.’

‘President Obama has been the worst President in our nation’s history. Take some revenge on this paper target!’

The President’s and Hillary Clinton’s targets sell for the same price as the Sanders’ targets. This is how Hallinan describes Clinton targets:

‘Get revenge on this paper target: Remember Benghazi!’

‘Remember the Alamo? Well, I think Benghazi was completely worse!’

Then, Hallinan gives three reasons to “shoot at a Hillary Clinton paper target:”

  1. ‘Benghazi. Enough said.
  2. Email Scandal: she’s a complete liar!
  3. She’s endorsed by Barack Obama – YUCK!’

Hallinan writes:

‘We’re a group of American Patriots pissing off liberals and standing up for free speech.’

Until this century, people honored the office of president, even if they disagreed with the president’s party or agenda. Now, some are using the current and potential presidents’ heads for target practice.

Check out this video of Hallinan in his gun shop with his politically incorrect targets.


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H/T: bernietargets.com