Hillary Clinton Defiantly Responds To Trump’s Veteran Ripoff Scandal (VIDEO)


Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump gave a defensive interview Tuesday in which he blamed the media for raising questions over the money he allegedly raised for veterans’ groups. Trump went as far as to call a reporter a “sleaze.” He did the exact opposite of what a president would do.

“I’m the only one in the world who could raise almost $6 million for the veterans, have uniform applause by the veterans groups and end up getting criticized by the press,” Trump declared.

Well that, too, is a lie.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper if she had raised money for veterans and what she had done for them. That point was brought up by Trump on Tuesday, after all, who said Hillary Clinton has given “nothing” to veterans.

Clinton said:

‘Well, I, of course, have given money to veterans charities, and John McCain and I actually helped to raise funding for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund at Brooke Army Medical Center to build a rehabilitation facility for veterans to get the very best world-class rehabilitation services.’

John McCain, once a prisoner of war, was previously mocked by Trump because he “was captured.” That displays Trump’s disregard for veterans. As for the GOP front-runner, he did not serve due to receiving a series of deferments.

The former Secretary of State continued:

‘I’ve also worked starting as First Lady to deal with some of the problems veterans had, whether it was Agent Orange or whether it was the mysterious illnesses they were bringing back from the Gulf War. I worked as a Senator on the Armed Services Committee on many things. For example, increasing death benefits for families of the fallen from just $12,000 to $100,000, and I worked with Sen. Lindsey Graham to expand healthcare to National Guard and Reserve members, so much of the work I’ve done has meant tens of millions of dollars in increased benefits to veterans and their families as well as a personal commitment.’


Love her or hate her, Clinton’s record for assisting veterans is clear. She trumps Trump’s donations by far. And while the bombastic billionaire candidate claims he wanted “no credit” in raising money for veterans’ groups, he did the televised fundraiser after a feud with Fox News in order to bring attention to himself.

“In January, Donald Trump skipped a debate to hold an event at which he boasted they had raised $6 million for veterans charities and organizations, including a $1 million personal donation from Trump himself,” the Clinton campaign said in a statement, according to CNN.

“After securing the headlines he wanted, it became clear that Trump had not actually delivered on his claims,” the statement continued. “Under mounting pressure after months of dodging questions about where the money had gone, lying, and failing to follow through on his own $1 million promise, he is set to finally answer those questions.”

The statement added, “Trump will surely brag, as he always does, about his supposed generosity and appreciation for our veterans, but nobody should be fooled by this stunt, only completed under immense pressure. The truth is, throughout this campaign and his entire career, he’s shown veterans an incredible amount of disrespect.”

Featured image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, allowable under Creative Commons license.