OUCH! Megyn Kelly Goes Off On Trump Supporter Over Trump U Case (VIDEO)


You begin to see how low Donald Trump has brought the political conversation in this country when even Fox News feels the need to call him out on his racism. Granted, Fox has long dealt in so-called dogwhistles and the like to ever-so-slightly mask their support of policies that favor the status quo and systemic racism. And Trump, well, you might just say subtlety isn’t in his wheelhouse.

Still, last night on Fox, host Megyn Kelly had clearly had enough of one Trump supporter who refused to admit that calling the Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who presides over the Trump U case, a Mexican was racially and ethnically motivated. Guess what? It is, and it’s not a matter up for debate. Also Trump U was a scam.

Kelly opened up the discussion by asking guest Ben Shapiro about the appropriateness of attacking a federal judge based on his ethnicity. Naturally, she was referring to Trump calling Judge Curiel a “hater” and a “Mexican.” Before Shapiro could answer, Kelly corrected Trump’s slur by saying, “Wrong, he is American.” Shapiro, a former Breitbart editor, shared Kelly’s sentiment:

‘This is typical Trump. Again, it’s not a surprise that Trump is going after people he feels victimize him. This is sort of what he does but to go after the judge on the basis of his ethnicity is a little bit bizarre given the fact, again, that his ethnicity really has nothing to do with the case.’

When Kelly turned to Trump supporter Dave Wohl, he simply tried to dismiss the racism inherent in the comment:

‘I think it’s a non sequitur, Megyn.’

Kelly refused to accept this and interrupted Wohl:

‘Then why does he keep mentioning it over and over when he rips on this judge?’

Wohl tried to play it off:

‘Yeah, I think his ethnicity is Hispanic. He’s from Indiana. Non sequitur, Megyn.’

While that might be exactly the logic you would expect from a Trump supporter, it’s a far cry from making any sense. To make matters worse, Wohl continued:

‘Right after that, he said he loves the Mexican people.’

That’s when Kelly lost it:

‘David, come on. He does it repeatedly. […] Listen, nobody would give Trump a hard time if he said I don’t like this judge. I don’t think he’s been fair to me. […] What we’re debating here is his taking it a step further and personalizing it, going after the guy’s ethnicity, and he does it every time!’

It’s true that Kelly certainly has a point. And it’s equally true that anyone who can’t resist spouting off racism ought to be disqualified from consideration for president of the United States. But then again, it comes as no surprise that Trump supporters have no issue with this. You may as well ask why they have no issue with Trump U being an obvious scam. No, that’s not the problem. The problem clearly is the judge who made the scam public.


Featured Image via YouTube screengrab.