Connecticut GOP Candidate Faces Lawsuit After Frequently Discussing His Penis With Co-Worker


August Wolf is a Republican Senate candidate from Connecticut who is currently in the midst of an ongoing sexual harassment lawsuit over allegations that he touched a former consultant, as well as made homophobic and sexist comments.

Wolf’s former campaign staffer came forward to authorities claiming her boss made sexual comments and advances toward her that created a hostile work environment.

Samantha Menh is a political consultant who was hired as a senior advisor and finance director for Wolf’s Senate campaign. Menh claims that when she asked Wolf what he does for fun, he replied by saying:

‘ I have sex!’

Menh went on to claim that Wolf also asked her if she’d ever been “sexually satisfied by a real man.” Documents also allege Wolf often referred to Menh as “babe,” and claim Wolf frequently said extremely odd and inappropriate comments to Menh, such as:

‘When I am in the U.S. Senate, someone should put a Taser on my dick so I can stay awake.’

The 12-page Superior Court complaint describes 20-year-old Menh as an “experienced consultant.” In it, she also alleges that Wolf broke several campaign laws during the time she worked for him.

Wolf, who is running against Democrat Richard Blumenthal, believes Menh’s lawsuit is politically motivated.

He released the following statement to local media:

‘I was shocked and appalled by the outrageous claims made in this lawsuit. I did not and would never engage in this type of behavior and neither would anyone on the campaign. The allegations are completely baseless. They are an obvious attempt by a former contractor to extort money at a critical time in the campaign, which she did over the last 5 days. I’m not going to tolerate it. I am going to defend this vigorously. It is no coincidence that the attorney representing Mrs. Menh is a democrat operative and fundraiser. It shows the lengths the Democrats will go to stop me from beating Richard Blumenthal. All of them are completely baseless. The allegations concerning fundraising and signature collection are ridiculous The campaign has followed the letter of the law in respect to fundraising and petitioning. Any claims to the contrary are untrue. The reality is Mrs. Menh was struggling in her work due to poor organizational skills, reckless decision making, and unethical professional and personal behavior. We attempted to resolve these issues and keep her on the staff, yet she voluntarily tendered her resignation. We engaged Ms. Menh with great hopes; we are very sad to see it end this way.’

Menh was promised a salary of $50,000 to help turn the campaign around, as well as 5 percent commission on whatever funds the campaign raised. Upon starting, Menh found out that multiple staff members and interns were leaving the campaign and right away noticed “sexually improper and abusive” behavior.

The local Republican Party was actively searching for a candidate to replace Wolf, according to reports.

The lawsuit details Menh’s recollection of a time when Wolf “barricaded” her in an office “with his 6’6 body” and would not allow her to leave the space. It also includes claims of Wolf constantly bragging about the size of his penis and discussing his sexuality, claiming he’s not gay like certain members of his family.

Menh is seeking $2.5 million dollars in punitive and compensatory damages.

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