‘Jew Tracker’: Trump Supporters’ Racist App Backfires, Ends Up Targeting Trump’s Son-In-Law


An abusive Neo-Nazi Chrome app which was created by self-described Donald Trump supporters backfired when it was found to have also targeted the presumptive GOP nominee’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Thankfully, the “Coincidence Detector,” which is also called the “Jew Tracker,” was just pulled from the Chrome store, but not before it targeted certain figures and organizations.

Included in the list were Milo Yiannopoulos and Andrew Breitbart, both conservatives, with the latter deceased. Those names were apparently added as some sort of joke.

There was a time not too long ago when multiple parentheses around a person’s name meant you were giving them a cyber-hug, such as (((Bipartisan Report))). That’s all changed now.

The Daily Beast reports:

‘They developed a coded insignia that could secretly mark out Jewish public figures and writers. Mic discovered this week that a Google Chrome app allowed fellow Nazis, trolls, and self-identified Donald Trump supporters to search blogs and social media and help them target the Jewish people who had been identified.

Typing the (((echoes))) symbol around a name acts like a corrupted anti-Semitic trigger warning and flags its targets as Jewish or “anti-white” to other bigoted users. Since most sites strip parentheses and other punctuation from search results, it is extremely difficult to find specific instances on social media, making it challenging to trace patterns of abuse.’

Here is an example of the use of parentheses on Twitter, but this was after Mic’s article was published.

Dani1 'Jew Tracker': Trump Supporters' Racist App Backfires, Ends Up Targeting Trump's Son-In-Law Donald Trump Politics Racism Social Media Top Stories

When The Daily Beast took a look at the racist Chrome app, they discovered a list of named Jewish actors, directors, and media figures who were being targeted.

Woody Allen and Winona Ryder were on the list, as well as 8,772 organizations and people, with most of them of the Jewish faith.

Users of the app were able to refresh “Coincidence Detector” in order to be sure that their list of known Jews and other “anti-whites” reflects the most recent additions to the database, according to Mic.

While some blasted the app for its anti-semitic theme, many praised it. Mic has several screenshots posted.

tracker 'Jew Tracker': Trump Supporters' Racist App Backfires, Ends Up Targeting Trump's Son-In-Law Donald Trump Politics Racism Social Media Top Stories

Jonathan Weisman wrote about his experiences at the New York Times with the Alt-Right’s (Alt-right is a racist faction of Trump supporters who despise multiculturalism) use of parentheses, which is called an ‘echoes.’ “ Hello ((Weisman)),” @CyberTrump tweeted, in part.

Weisman received a lot of abusive anti-semitic tweets and memes from Trump supporters. One included an image of  Trump smiling in a Nazi uniform while flicking the switch on a gas chamber which contained Weisman’s photoshopped face.

Weisman continues:

‘I understand Mr. Trump has a son-in-law who is an Orthodox Jew, and a daughter who converted to her husband’s religion. Mr. Trump has bragged about his Jewish grandchildren. Yet I also see tweets from Mr. Trump like the 2013 missive that re-emerged Monday promising “that I’m much smarter than Jonathan Leibowitz — I mean Jon Stewart,” and I cannot help seeing another belled cat.’

That article was written late last month, and now, Trump’s son-in-law was featured on the app. By Trump supporters. They’re eating their own and it has backfired badly. The results would be funny if we weren’t discussing such vile hatred coming from the presumptive GOP nominee’s own base — Neo Nazis. Imagine that. Also, it’s 2016.

Featured image: Wikimedia.