Republicans Accuse Hillary Of ‘Making Up Quotes’, So Hillary Sourced Each One, Then Put Him On Blast


A speech was given by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on foreign policy and it could definitely be construed as an attack directed at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Trump’s knowledge of foreign policy is sorely lacking, so much so that CNN now fact checks him in real time, so the average viewer can see plainly when he flip flops. For instance, when he said he believes that Japan should have nuclear weapons.

Not surprisingly, Trump was absolutely furious with Clinton and the things she said about him in her speech. In true Trump fashion, he’s chosen to strike back at her because of it. He did just that yesterday by taking to Twitter, and even went on to claim that he has never spoken out in favor of Japan having its own nuclear arsenal, insisting that everything Clinton had said about him in her speech was a lie.

Hillary Clinton responded promptly with a link to her website, The Briefing. The link leads to a simple breakdown of her speech, quote by quote. Each and every thing she said Donald Trump had been quoted as saying was backed up with links to the interviews or press conferences where he said it.

The fully cited take down was scathing, from the time he was directly quoted as insisting he knows a lot more about ISIS than America’s military generals do to him saying that he has no issues with abandoning our allies in NATO.

It is also worth taking note that Clinton’s tweet linking to her website has gotten more retweets than Trump’s tweet claiming that she blatantly lied about his quotes.

With the election looming on the horizon, it’s more important than ever that Americans educate themselves and do their own fact checking when it comes to both the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates.

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