Donald Trump Goes Full Racist, Claims Ownership Of Black Man: ‘Look At My African-American’


It’s not like Donald Trump wasn’t already well known as a racist. From his outright hateful comments about Muslims and Hispanics to securing the Ku Klux Klan’s endorsement, Trump just HAD to take things yet another step further.

During a rally in Redding, California on Friday, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee made one of the most racially-charged statements yet:

‘The thugs last night in San Jose, and then this Democrat mayor gets up. He said, “Well, I think it was Donald Trump.” You know what I say to that? When we have a protester inside, which isn’t even very often, I say be very gentle. Please don’t hurt him. Take care of him. If he wants to shout, if he punches you in the face smile as your nose is pouring blood out of it. Be very, very nice. We had a case where we had an African-American man who was a fan of mine. Great fan. Great guy. In fact, I want to find out what’s going on with him. Aw, look at my African-American over here. Are you the greatest? Do you know what I’m talking about?’

Apparently the businessman-gone-politician doesn’t understand that African-Americans are people, and not objects he can possess as his own. His statement shows a true lack of respect toward African-Americans and is in no way the type of language that should come out of the mouth of any presidential candidate.

If the presidential hopeful wants to play this off as a ‘mistake’ or a ‘slip of the tongue,’ Americans ought to pay attention. Is this the man we want making important decisions for our country? Do we want him to have a ‘slip of the tongue’ during a conversation with Vladimir Putin or King Jong-un? If he can’t even control his own comments, who knows what could happen?

If this isn’t proof of his utter lack of respect for his fellow Americans, let alone his fellow human beings, then we don’t know what is. He needs to be stopped. Each and every day, with each cringe-inducing comment, that becomes all the more evident. Americans need to show Trump that racist, homophobic and sexist comments do not get one elected as commander-in-chief.

Watch the disgusting clip below, via YouTube:

Don’t think for a second that Twitter let him get away with the racist comments, either. Bringing a little humor to the situation, John Lurie tweeted the following:

Gregory Cheadle was identified as the man Trump pointed out, and he told NBC News that he found the comment “odd” but that he didn’t take offense.

Cheadle, however, went on to say that he isn’t sold on Trump just yet, and doesn’t know if he’ll vote for him:

‘When you come from the inner city, seeing someone like Trump is so far removed from my thinking,” he claimed. ‘I wanted to see a presidential candidate. I’m open to attend his rallies, but I’m not necessarily going to vote for him.’

Feature Image is a screengrab via YouTube.