‘Morning Joe’ Co-Host Mika Brzezinski Perfectly Clowns Paul Ryan Down For ‘Selling Out’ To Donald Trump


Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and best-selling author, recently took on Speaker Paul Ryan, calling him a “pathetic, weak, sell-out” for endorsing Donald Trump. Ryan is an extremely powerful man, second in line to the presidency, but Brzezinski crushed him like a steel-wheeled roller. That is no surprise, given her background.

Mika is the daughter of Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs for President Jimmy Carter and Counselor to President Lyndon Johnson. She spent her childhood surrounded by international dignitaries and playing with Carter’s daughter, Amy.

In a clip, “Morning Joe” showed, Ryan said:

‘[He] didn’t know [Trump] before this process began, had never sat down with him and talked about the country, and principles and policies.’

‘It’s become clear to me in conversations with Donald that he is someone who is comfortable with these principles and these policies. It’s basically coming to that conclusion — which you can’t do over the phone one time.’

Ryan’s excuse was that he doesn’t want a Democratic alternative:

‘Hillary Clinton isn’t going to be advancing our principles and policies — she’s advancing another Obama term.’

Brzezinski wasn’t having any of it and said:

‘That’s one way of putting it. Yet another Republican goes down, for no reason, with no actual information about what convinced him.’

‘This is just so sad. Paul Ryan — the guy who I think is the Republican’s great hope — is an honest, good, principled man of character. What is he — if he had a good reason, I’m all for it.’

‘If he heard what Donald Trump is going to do to lead the party forward and help make America great again. Tell me what it was, Paul Ryan.’

Brzezinski spoke directly to Ryan via the camera, explaining that backing Trump is a lose-lose proposition:

‘Because you just sold out. Paul, he’s not going to do anything for you because you did this. He’s not going to pay you back. It’s pathetic. He sold out. I’m sorry — he did have a choice, and he made one that was weak.’

When Trump heard about it, he tweeted:

Brzezinski had it right, “This is just so sad.”

Here’s the video of the “Morning Joe” segment:

Featured Image: The World Affairs Council via FlickrCreative Commons License, some modification.