Bernie Sanders To Donald Trump: ‘You Can’t Praise Ali And Disparage Muslims’ (VIDEO)


Senator Bernie Sanders just called out Donald Trump, and even Trump can’t deny the allegations of hypocrisy. Social media users have been calling out the presumptive Republican nominee ever since beloved athlete and activist Muhammad Ali passed away Friday night in a Scottsdale, Arizona hospital.

Trump took to both his Facebook and Twitter accounts to brag about his connection with Ali, whom Trump called his “friend.”

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Immediately the internet fired back, pointing out the hypocrisy of pandering to Ali fans while bashing Muslims, and now Bernie Sanders has commented on Trump’s social media love-fest. Sanders said this during a Los Angeles press conference:

“I’ve been all over this country and I’m talking to Muslim people who say, ‘You know, Bernie, our kids are now afraid.’ I say to those people, one of the great American heroes in modern American history was Muhammad Ali, a very proud Muslim. Don’t tell me how much you love Muhammad Ali and yet you’re going to be prejudiced against Muslims in this country.”

“The reason that Ali struck a chord in the heart of so many Americans was not just his great boxing skill. It was his incredible courage. At a time when it was not popular to do so, Ali stood up and said, ‘I am opposed to the war in Vietnam and I’m not going to fight in that war.'”

“And that incredibly courageous decision cost him three and a half years of his prime fighting life. But he chose to stand by his ideals, his views. What a hero. What a great man.”

Ali himself wasn’t too fond of Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric, saying this about Trump in an interview with NBC:

“But just as it is the responsibility of Muslims around the world to root out misguided ideas that lead to radicalization, it is the responsibility of all Americans — of every faith — to reject discrimination. It is our responsibility to reject religious tests on who we admit into this country. It’s our responsibility to reject proposals that Muslim Americans should somehow be treated differently. Because when we travel down that road, we lose. That kind of divisiveness, that betrayal of our values plays into the hands of groups like ISIL. Muslim Americans are our friends and our neighbors, our co-workers, our sports heroes — and, yes, they are our men and women in uniform who are willing to die in defense of our country. We have to remember that.”

Watch the video below courtesy of MSNBC: