CNN & CBS Fact Check Donald Trump Into Oblivion During Sunday Talk Shows (VIDEO)


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared on CNN’s State of the Union and CBS’s Face The Nation this Sunday. Suffice to say, both appearances were an absolute disaster for his campaign. Trump lied right in the faces of both interviewers only to have his lies cited directly, effectively proving him wrong.

On CNN’s State of the Union, Trump tried to argue that he was against the war in Iraq since before it started, stating that he could prove as much since he’d given an interview in 2004 where he referenced his stance. When interviewer, Jake Tapper, pointed out that the war, in fact, started in 2003, putting his interview a year after it initially began, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump attempted to back peddle and ended up making a fool of himself. Not only did he deny that he was lying, or even mistaken, but he went on to insist that he could prove he’d given that interview in 2004, condemning the war before it began. Unfortunately for him, facts do not change based on one’s commitment to ride out a fib.

Video via CNN:

On CBS’s Face the Nation, John Dickerson called Trump out for lying during the interview when he said he opposed intervention in Libya, citing a video blog from 2011 featuring the Republican presidential candidate saying that the U.S. should intervene and how he felt it should be done.

Transcript via Face The Nation:

DICKERSON: Let me ask you about Libya. You have been highly critical of Libya and Hillary Clinton. You were also for military action to oust Gadhafi and military action to take care of humanitarian situation in Libya. You supported that.

TRUMP: When you say supported it, I supported Libya?

DICKERSON: Yes, you supported intervention in Libya.

TRUMP: I did? Where do you see that?

DICKERSON: In a video blog from 2011, you said:


TRUMP: Now, we should go in. We should stop this guy, which would be very easy and very quick. We could do it surgically, stop him from doing it and save these lives.


TRUMP: That’s a big difference from what we’re talking about.

DICKERSON: But you were for intervention.


TRUMP: Again, I’m only one. I made lot of money with Gadhafi. If you remember, he came to the country and he had to make a deal with me because he needed a place to stay, and he paid me a fortune, never got to stay there. And it became sort of a big joke. But fact is that Libya was a disaster from standpoint of way it was handled.

DICKERSON: But you were for intervention, just to clear that up?

TRUMP: I was for doing something, but I wasn’t for what you have right now.

DICKERSON: This is one of things that confuses some people about your positions. You said you weren’t for intervention, but you were for intervention in Libya.

TRUMP: I didn’t mind surgical. And I said surgical. You do a surgical shot and you take them out. But I wasn’t for what happened. Look at way it’s — look at — with Benghazi and with all of problems that you have had. It was handled horribly.


DICKERSON: But you said you were never for intervention.

TRUMP: I was never for a strong intervention. I could have seen surgical, where you take out Gadhafi and his group.

Here is the clip from CBS:


In this modern age of technology the media is doing more fact checking than ever, especially after Trump attacked the press last week at a press conference. Now, the press is sitting down with him, but they aren’t holding back when it comes to fact checking. Are the mainstream media correspondents getting tired of being steamrolled? After bombing these interviews spectacularly, Trump might want to check his attitude, complete with double-speak, at the door in the future.

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