JUST IN: President Obama To Make This Election Altering Announcement On Tuesday (VIDEO)


President Obama, who has up until now remained neutral in the Democratic primary race, will likely endorse Hillary Clinton on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Clinton will at that time have secured enough delegates, when combining pledged with unpledged delegates, to effectively clinch the Democratic nomination and her spot on the November ballot. The winning delegates will likely come from an expected Clinton win in New Jersey.

Now, this state of having “clinched” so many delegates does not mean the race is over. The race is not in fact over until the nominee is chosen on the convention floor. But, anything could happen, so banking on a possible but unlikely miracle is not a strong foundation for the Sanders campaign. It would take a miracle for Sanders to overtake Clinton and win the nomination.

Still, Sanders asserts that he will not stop fighting until the convention is officially and thoroughly over, and he hopes that an upset win in the June 7 California primary will help make his case with unpledged delegates, convincing them to come over to his side.

Robin Mook, campaign manager for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign with CNN, said:

‘I think the President is going to back the nominee very quickly. I think he’ll get behind the nominee very quickly and he’ll be out there campaigning vigorously.’

As CNN reported:

‘Mook told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin he expects Obama, who has not officially backed either Clinton or rival Bernie Sanders, to wade in once the race draws to a close after June 7.’

Obama’s interest, as the effective head of the Democrats, is to hold the Party in line, together. Mind you that is not the people of the party together, but rather the party itself. That is why Obama endorsed the incumbent Florida Congressional candidate Debbie Wasserman Schultz, against her populist challenger Tim Canova. That is also why he endorsed the establishment candidate in a Florida Senate race, running against a radical populist. It’s all a part of Obama’s job by design.

And it just might, according to some analysts, do the trick. Moody’s Analytics firm, for example, suggests that Obama’s high approval rating is a strong indicator of a Democrat winning the White House in November. Obama’s backing could help sway some Democratic minds who are still opposed to Clinton, be they avid Bernie Sanders supporters or simply disillusioned with politics.

Check out the video interview below, with Mook, discussing the pending endorsement with CNN.

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