WATCH: Wyclef Jean Gets PISSED OFF During Concert: ‘F*ck Donald Trump’ (VIDEO)


Rapper Wyclef Jean has some abrupt words for now presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump: “F*ck Donald Trump, he don’t like the Mexicans.” Jean was somewhat of an acquaintance of Trump’s, having been a guest on Trump’s reality television show “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Evidently, he’s not an acquaintance any longer.

Trump has made lethal bigotry towards Americans of a Mexican immigrant background a foundation of his campaign from day one. And Wyclef Jean — colloquially shortened to Clef — isn’t just a nobody to be speaking on this subject.

Jean has an intensive background in the issues important to immigrants and refugees, having been born in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti. The rapper actually floated a run for the Haitian presidency after the massively deadly earthquake some years back. As Jean spoke on the subject:

‘It felt like something I needed to do at the time. Haiti was in dire need and I wasn’t going to go down in history as just another musician who did nothing and just hid behind the songs. I stepped into the fire. People took shots at me, of course. But it’s better to be right than popular. And history will always reveal the truth. You can’t live for the fakeness or you will just be erased from time. When I got back to New York I was out of my mind. I had just had a really tense experience. I thought I could change policy and legislation there, but coming back to America — yo, it hit me. I was like, ‘Man, what am I gonna do?’

Not many people, if any, with a background in culture, minorities, and the arts have expressed support for Trump. On the extreme end of that scale, African American rapper YG got an entire crowd to chant “F*ck Donald Trump” along with him at California’s relatively recent Coachella music festival. You can watch the clip of that incident below.

And, on the more potent side, the protest presence at Trump rallies has intensified dramatically as his campaign has moved out West, particularly to California. Protesters have lit fires, broken windows, and assaulted the attendees to the rallies themselves.

You can check out the clip featuring Clef below, via TMZ.

Featured Image is via screenshot from the Video.