JUST IN: Lawyers Win Release Of DAMNING Trump Video Testimony That Could Seal The Election For Clinton


The lawyers who are representing the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Trump University have recently released the presumptive Republican nominee’s own testimonies in the case. Attorneys are also planning to file excerpts of videos of Trump’s two recent depositions in the case with a federal court in San Diego.

At a December deposition, when Trump was asked whether the “university” was designed to capitalize on people’s “fantasies” about becoming rich from work in real estate, Trump replied:

‘I believe in playing to people’s desires, where they want to rent an apartment or buy an apartment or rent office space. I’ve never seen anybody say, gee, my building’s doing terribly, why don’t you rent an apartment.’

He also said that he saw nothing wrong with sales techniques that appeal to fantasy over reality.

‘I see nothing wrong. Sure, you want to — life, you want to — you want to play to something that’s positive and beautiful. And you can use the word “fantasy” if you want. Or I could use the word “fantasy,” but, sure, you want to play to something that’s beautiful and good and successful.’

Trump has also coined terms in his books like “innocent exaggeration,” which is fairly self-explanatory. When asked if he still believes in innocent exaggeration, he said, “Yeah. I mean, fine. Innocent exaggeration … I mean, I guess … I think everybody says the same thing.”

Trump seemed to feel that the teachings in his books like “The Art of the Deal” were all that students needed to know.

‘I would always stress that, read my books. Because, frankly, if you read the books, how much more can I say?’

One of the chief complaints against Trump University is that the information students were “taught” was basically just the same stuff that was written in Trump’s books.

The plaintiffs’ lawyer wrote in a court filing on Friday:

‘TU did not educate anyone. TU’s instructors and employees have also confirmed that TU did not teach Trump’s secrets to student-victims … Indeed, Trump himself confirmed that he has no secret or unique real estate techniques, as “everything I know is in the books.”‘

Politico writes that the release of the videos is “likely to trigger a battle over whether the videos should be made public.” It is likely that these videos could be used in attack ads against Trump, and the videos, along with the information in the transcripts gives Clinton and Trump’s other opponents more fodder for arguing that Trump is unfit to be president.

Between attention Trump has been getting for his disparaging remarks about the judge involved in the case, Gonzalo Curiel, and connections made between his business and money laundering schemes, this lawsuit is the last thing the presumptive Republican nominee needs. Although he frequently tries to play Hillary Clinton off as a criminal, saying most recently that she should be jailed for her email “scandal,” Trump seems to have a lot more fingers pointing back at him.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.