This WILDLY Popular World Leader Will Soon Endorse Hillary Clinton For President (QUOTES)


The campaign trail for the upcoming 2016 election is looking very promising for democratic candidate and former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton. With the Democratic National Committee coming close to securing the Democratic nomination for the 2016 election, Clinton is at the top of the list. This puts Clinton into the general election against Donald Trump later this year.

President Obama has announced he plans on endorsing presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton as early as this week. Once he endorses her, he plans on jumping into her campaign and campaigning with her full force to annihilate any hopes of Republican candidate Donald Trump securing the votes to become President of The United States. Obama sees the complete and utter destruction that surrounds the whole Trump campaign and has personally felt criticized and offended by the hatred Trump spreads everywhere he goes.

According to a report by New York Times this morning,

‘It has been decades since a second-term president enjoyed the popularity to be a potent force on the campaign trail, and to have an invitation from the candidate running to succeed him to be a major presence there.

Mr. Obama’s approval rating was at 50 percent in this month’s New York Times/CBS poll, and strategists close to Mrs. Clinton said they would be eager to have his participation as the general election unfolded.’

which they go on to compare to,

‘President George W. Bush’s approval rating was at 20 percent in a Gallup poll just before the November 2008 election, and he rarely appeared that year with Senator John McCain of Arizona, the Republican nominee”

This is huge news for both Hillary Clinton and President Barak Obama, as the general election is just around the corner. Obama’s popularity amongs America’s youth and the more liberal Americans helping Clinton secure enough votes to win the white house.

New York Times validates this thinking with,

‘Advisers to Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton believe that the president, who ran against Mrs. Clinton in a sometimes nasty primary campaign in 2008, can be a persuasive voice for voters who may find her difficult to relate to or who have supported the more liberal stances of her rival, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.’

During the 2008 election, Obama’s numbers were astounding and he hopes to help Hillary Clinton gain the same popularity and enthusiasm among voters he had 8 years ago.

New York Times continues with,

‘The White House argues that Mr. Obama could help Mrs. Clinton appeal to independent voters — particularly suburban independent women — in the Midwest, notably its northern stretch including Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Mr. Obama won all three states in 2012 in part by painting Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee, as a corporate raider who would shut down factories and move jobs overseas.

Officials in the White House and close to Mrs. Clinton’s team point to the president’s appeal to African-American and young voters — groups who favor him more than her — as helpful to turning those groups out for her in November. African-American and young voters will play a crucial role, the aides said, in battlegrounds like Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Mr. Obama won all four states in 2012.’

Tuesday’s primaries should give a good idea of who will secure the Democratic nomination and put Obama that much closer to endorsing Hillary Clinton and helping her triumph over Trump in the general election later this year.

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