Trump Goes On Extremely Bizarre Rant During Segment Of Fox & Friends (VIDEO)


In what seems to be an increasingly common occurrence, Donald Trump had yet another meltdown on live TV, this time on Monday’s interview with “Fox and Friends,” where Trump spoke about a number of topics.

In regards to the Trump University case, he called it a terrible case and guaranteed he would win it. The presumptive GOP nominee was recently in the news for attacking the presiding judge over the case for being Mexican. Not only was his statement racist, it was also untrue, as Judge Curiel was born in Indiana. Trump also said that he was surprised by Newt Gingrich’s comments regarding the case and said that he thought Gingrich had been inappropriate.

In an interview, Trump stated that Curiel was giving him an unfair ruling.

‘The answer is, he is giving us very unfair rulings, rulings that people can’t even believe. This case should have ended years ago. The best lawyers — I have spoken to so many lawyers — they said this is not a case. This is a case that should have ended. This judge is giving us unfair rulings. Now I say why. Well, I’m building a wall, OK? And it’s a wall between Mexico, not another country’

Trump did say that he did not necessarily like talking about the Trump University case and would rather focus on issues such as jobs, but complained that most of his interviews have been focusing on the case.

The billionaire also complained that NBC anchor Katie Tur had no access to his campaign and that, because of this lack of access, her reports of conflict within his campaign were wrong.

During the segment of the interview where they discussed the Miss USA pageant, Trump bragged about the fact that he owned the pageant and “took it from a sick puppy” and sold it for millions. Surprisingly, it was one of the more sane parts of the interview, though he, of course, had to brag about how much money he made with the pageant.

You can check out the full “Fox and Friends” interview below:

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