BREAKING: Blatant Voter Suppression Discovered In California Democratic Primary (VIDEO)


Yesterday’s California primary did not go as smoothly as it should have.

As the Los Angeles Times reports:

‘California voters faced a tough time at the polls Tuesday, with many voters saying they have encountered broken machines, polling sites that opened late and incomplete voter rolls, particularly in Los Angeles County. The result? Instead of a quick in-and-out vote, many California voters were handed the dreaded pink provisional ballot — which takes longer to fill out, longer for election officials to verify and which tends to leave voters wondering whether their votes will be counted.’

Issues like the ones faced by California voters on Tuesday have sprung up in wildly varied sectors of the American electoral landscape. In some cases, such as in the Arizona and New York primaries, the calamities were so severe that legal action was taken against election officials.

Supporters of underdog Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders have alleged that the incidents of “voter suppression” have been a calculated and driving force behind their candidate’s downfall in his ability to take down Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton.

Now, with the Democratic primary race effectively over and Clinton the so-called “presumptive nominee,” Sanders supporters are planning to bring massive protests to the Democratic nominating convention and attempt to have their grievances heard.

Sanders will likely not become the Democratic nominee through these protests. The issue is much wider than the Sanders campaign, and Sanders himself recognizes such a state of affairs. It’s not a conspiracy against Bernie Sanders; it is effectively a conspiracy against the American people

There is an obscene lack of ability for members of the American population being able to actually exercise their voice in the politics that decide their daily lives. Sanders has helped expose this, and no matter what, he won’t give up pushing his message for reform.

Below, you can check out a video of one of the problems at one of Tuesday’s California polling places.


Featured Image is via CGP Grey on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.