JUST IN: New Evidence Suggests The Associated Press Cooperated With Clinton Campaign


Mainstream media has been buzzing since Hillary Clinton claimed that she clinched the Democratic Party presidential nomination this week. But on Monday night, one media outlet seemed to jump the gun on the announcement. The day before the California primary, The Associated Press prematurely published an article titled, “AP count: Clinton has delegates to win Democratic nomination.”

Many angry voters voiced their suspicion regarding the Democratic establishment’s involvement in the premature announcement by AP.

One Twitter user posted a video clip showing an email she received from the Clinton campaign on Monday evening. The email includes the caption, “So this just happened,” with an arrow pointing below to a photo of the AP article, announcing that Clinton had supposedly reached the number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination.

But when the Twitter user, who is known as @Cold_Stare, went to copy the URL into her browser, part of the URL contained the words “secret win V2,” with V2 most likely meaning version 2. The URL also contains the date June 4, 2016, obviously showing that this was something planned in advance by The AP, and quite possibly the Clinton campaign as well.


But things get even more sketchy yet.

Journalist Shaun King posted a photo to Facebook of a partially-redacted email he’d received from a Congressional staff member. The original email was sent by AP Washingston Bureau reporter Alan Fram. Part of the subject line reads “presidential preference,” and was sent on Monday June 6th at 12:03pm.

The email reads:

‘[Redacted] you reachable briefly re above? We’re rounding up superdelegates. Washington.’

shaunkingpic JUST IN: New Evidence Suggests The Associated Press Cooperated With Clinton Campaign Election 2016
Image via Facebook.

With many predicting Sanders to perform well in California, it seems like the Clinton campaign got nervous, and in doing so, resorted to dishonest tactics to dissuade voters from showing up to the polls. The AP is widely noted as a reliable source, so who wouldn’t believe something they read from them?

But as the first female presidential nominee, you’d think the party Clinton’s had such strong ties with for so many years would at least acknowledge the fact? But as ShadowProof points out, no such thing happened. But then again, that would have required The AP to have told the truth — which they did not.

Things remain fairly uncertain at this point, and despite what lies may circulate, the following is true: Superdelegates don’t vote until July. No one has clinched the nomination. Sanders has announced his intent to carry on in the race, despite the heartbreaking loss on Tuesday night.

It’s up to us to use a critical eye and to dig through the mess that the mainstream media has created. As American citizens, we must hold politicians and the mainstream media accountable for their actions.

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