JUST IN: New Zogby Poll Shows Trump Is About To Turn This VERY Red State To Dark Blue (STATS)


A new poll from John Zogby Strategies reveals that Hillary Clinton is the preferred presidential candidate in the state of Kansas.

The poll randomly surveyed 433 registered voters between June 4 and June 6 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.7 percent. The results show that 43 percent of voters support Hillary Clinton, while only 36 percent support Donald Trump. 21 Percent said they are not yet sure which candidate they will vote for.

While the results of the poll are in keeping with national numbers from Reuters/IPSOS, which show Hillary Clinton pulling ahead of Trump by double digits, they also revealed some information that is important for both candidates.

First, 44 percent of those polled identified as Republicans, while only 28 percent identified as Democrats. What this means is that, despite there being more Republicans than Democrats polled, at least some of the Republicans polled support Clinton over Trump, even though she is the Democratic nominee. These choices mimic those of several GOPers who have said that, should it come down to Clinton versus Trump, Clinton would get their vote.

Another important revelation from the poll, which both candidates should be keeping in mind and working to change, is that a whopping 65 percent of those surveyed said that they are dissatisfied with the candidates they have to choose from. It has been well known in this election cycle that Clinton and Trump both have serious image problems and drastically low favorability ratings, and the results from this survey further back up that point.

Speaking of the poll’s results, Kansas University political science professor Patrick Miller did not appear particularly surprised by them. Of Clinton’s numbers, he said:

‘That’s a little bit better than (President Barack) Obama did. So if you assume also that Trump is toxic, Clinton hasn’t closed the deal with Millennials yet, she probably has some room to grow. I think Clinton will do better than the average Democratic candidate. I don’t think she’ll win Kansas, but I think she’ll probably get a few percent better than Obama.’

And of Trump’s mere 36 percent support, he said:

‘Trump, you look at this and it’s like, this is vastly underperforming. Maybe that’s not closing the deal with the evangelical base. Maybe that’s the low support from independents who might normally vote Republican. So I think that’s kind of one way of interpreting it. Clinton does a little bit better than Obama, given the context, but Trump in Kansas really has a whole lot of solidifying of his base to do.’

Lawrence Journal World also pointed out that 50 percent of those surveyed were college-educated, which is higher than the adult population in Kansas as a whole, which is only 31 percent, and since Trump regularly does not poll well with those who are college-educated, that may have skewed the results a bit in Clinton’s favor.

Speaking to that concern, though, Miller said that the sample of the survey closely reflects the typical and expected voter turnout in Kansas, meaning that Trump has some serious work to do if he wants to win the Sunflower State.

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