BREAKING: At Least 50 People Slaughtered During Biggest Mass Shooting In American History

Death toll rises at attack at gay nightclub in Orlando.


According to Buddy Dyer, the mayor of Orlando, Florida, the death toll from the horrific Pulse nightclub attack last night has risen to 50 dead and 53 injured.

Orlando Police Chief, John Mina, added in a press conference this morning that the shooter, identified as Omar S. Mateen, is also dead.

A police officer pulling security guard duty inside the club last night responded to shots fired around 2 AM and proceeded to engage in a gun battle with the suspect.

According to Chief Mina, the gunman held hostages until it was decided some hours later to rescue them. The suspect died after exchanging gunfire with police. The gunman was armed with an assault rifle, a handgun, and what may have been an explosive device.

Chief Mina said that one officer was injured, but only mildly, protected by his Kevlar helmet.

Police did not name the gunman immediately or discern a motive for the attack, but officials are currently classifying it as “Domestic Terrorim.”

As reported on RTE News, Danny Banks of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement stated:

‘Any time we have potentially dozens of victims in our communities, that I think we can qualify that as a terrorist activity. Whether that’s a domestic terrorist or international one is something we’ll get to the bottom of.’

A White House spokesperson says that President Barack Obama has been briefed, and the President has asked to receive regular updates as FBI officials and Orlando Police gather more evidence.