JUST IN: Donald Trump Caught Blatantly Plagiarizing Material From News Editor (TWEETS)


While victims of the worst shooting tragedy in the country’s history are still being identified, Donald Trump has been pumping out insensitive, inappropriate, and self-important tweets. What all of these tweets have in common is that they are bland, simple notes to his followers, not even mentioning the LGBT community. Then along comes a very different tweet, one Trump simply stole.

Trump has a history of fraudulent behavior with his Trump University being neither a university or involving Trump in any noticeable way. Now he has added plagiarism to his list of unlikeables.

He lifted a reporter’s tweet without a single word of credit, but CNN’s Brian Stelter with “Reliable Sources” called him out on it. Trump is guilty of a blatant copy and paste of the former Breitbart editor’s, Dr. Sebastian Gorka’s @SeGorka, tweet. He waved his Trump hand over it, and posted it as his own at 2:52 p.m.

Trump could have retweeted it, giving Gorka credit for an intelligent, albeit unsourced tweet, but that is not Trump’s style. Back in April, Buzzfeed reported the Trump campaign did pay Gorka $8,000 for “policy consulting.” Gorka is a professor at Marine Corps University and is chairman of Threat Knowledge Group, a national security consulting firm, but there is no record of a continued relationship. He often appears on Fox News as a counter-terrorism expert.

Trump’s fraudulent tweet took credit for suggesting a connection between a “2nd man arrested in LA with rifles near gay parade,” but the “LA Times” reports law enforcement has not yet found a direct connection between the Los Angeles parade and the Orlando shooting.

This would be the perfect time for Trump to follow up with any presidential insight he might have into this near-miss. Instead, Trump cannot resist insinuating himself into his tweets about the Orlando tragedy, saying he “called it,” and he “predicted this tragedy.”

Within the limit of 140 characters, Trump knows what he should say, but his ego is at war with what is right. He tweets “I appreciate congratulations for being right,” and turn around in the same tweet to say that he doesn’t “want congratulations.”

Most appalling, Trump’s tweets lack any compassion for the heartbreaking attack and fail to even mention the LGBT community, which is integral to the tragedy. Instead he uses this tragedy to spew anti-Muslim bigotry, demean President Barak Obama, and discredit his opponent Hillary Clinton.

Trump doesn’t get that this was more of an anti-gay hate crime as an Islamic terror attack. Instead, this vainglorious man sees the tragedy as a tool for self-promotion.

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H/T: Mediaite.