JUST IN: Donald Trump Makes DIRECT Threat To President Obama During Out Of Control Tirade (QUOTES)


Donald Trump has recently been following teleprompter speeches and hiding his true self from America in an attempt to raise likability and gain votes across the country. However, that just came to a quick stop.

In light of Obama’s recent pledge to endorse Hillary Clinton and jump on the campaign trail with her, Donald Trump has resorted to playground tactics and bullying schematics, showing America yet again his true colors.

Trump’s complete lack of respect for current President of the United States, Barack Obama, is clear in his recent threats towards the President. CBS News highlights Trump’s blowhard personality and the extremes he will go to when people speak out against him as they quote him whining:

‘We have a president that doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing, folks, I hear he’s going to take a lot of time, during our time, when he’s supposed to be looking at trade and the military and all of these things, and he’s going to campaign for Crooked Hillary.’

Though Trump can’t grasp the concept of multi-tasking and having a lot on his agenda, Americans everywhere are sure Obama can manage the country without fail all while campaigning with Hillary Clinton. The thought of going from our current President, a selfless, generous, and highly intelligent man, to the illiterate buffoon Trump makes himself out to be is terrifying, and Obama is taking a stand against Trump and everything he supports by backing Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election.

Trump continued and clearly threatened Obama for his choice to campaign with Hillary Clinton by saying,

‘Because if he does that, we’re allowed to say things about him that normally we wouldn’t bring up. Remember when Bill started campaigning?’

Trump has yet again continued his streak of trying to bully his way into the White House, sparing no one. His playground tactics may have worked for him before; however, Americans can now see straight through his lies and understand that Trump is an egotistical narcissist who lacks respect for anyone but himself.

Watch Trump’s display of disrespect towards President Obama below, courtesy of mesothelioma lawyer via YouTube.


Image Source: Flickr with a Creative Commons license