JUST IN: Bernie Sanders Makes MAJOR Announcement About The V.P. Position (QUOTES)


Bernie Sanders indicated on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday that it is “very unlikely” that he will be Hillary Clinton’s pick for Vice President. Sanders did, however, praise Elizabeth Warren, who is widely speculated as one of Hillary Clinton’s top contenders for the position.

Bernie Sanders told host George Stephanopoulos the following in response to a question about his willingness to become Clinton’s Vice President:

‘Well, I think that is very unlikely, but we will see what happens down — after this whole campaign winds down.

I want to see if Hillary Clinton appoints a vice president who is a progressive. I want to see Hillary Clinton become a champion of the needs of working families and putting together an administration not based on Wall Street needs but on the needs of working Americans.’

Stephanopoulos then brought up Elizabeth Warren, to which Sanders responded:

‘Well, I’m a great admirer of Elizabeth Warren. She has been a dynamic senator and has stood up to Wall Street her entire political life.’

Elsewhere in the interview, Bernie Sanders was also asked if he believed Hillary Clinton would be able to “lead a political revolution.” Sanders responded by saying:

‘Well, I don’t think Hillary Clinton can lead a political revolution. But I think if Hillary Clinton is smart, and she certainly is smart, she will understand that good public policy, taking on the big money interests and standing up for working families, standing up for the environment, standing up for clean water, is in fact good politics. Can she do that? Yes. Will she go as far as I would like her to go? No, she won’t.

But I think millions of people want to understand and see is what kind of commitment she has to addressing the real crises in the country and transforming the Democratic Party away from a party which simply is there, in many respects, to raise money from the wealthy into a party which listens to the pain of a declining middle class and 47 million people living in poverty and shows the courage to tell the big money interests that this world is going to change.’

You can view the whole interview with Stephanopoulos below:


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