PETITION: Click Here To Join Overwhelming Response To Ban On Assault Rifles (IMAGES)


Early Sunday morning, a New York native armed with an AR-15 assault rifle went into the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida where he began the random slaughter of 50 members of the LGBT community. Over 50 others were wounded, but are expected to survive.

Six months ago, the GOP struck down legislation backed by Dianne Feinstein that called for a ban on assault rifles for anyone on a government watch list, which the Pulse shooter was on. At that moment, the lives of at least 50 people were bought by gun lobbyists.

A new petition from asks for your signature to help get legislation passed that would ban average Americans from owning assault rifles that can level a crowd full of people in mere seconds. So far, almost 199,000 people have signed.

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The petition reads:

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An overwhelming response to this petition will force politicians to listen to the American people’s cries. Click here to read Hillary Clinton’s response to the Orlando shooting. Please sign and share this petition on your social media accounts.

Sign here.