Here Are The 50 Senators Who Voted Away The Lives Of 49 People In Pulse Nightclub (IMAGES)

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Via Hypernationalist

We mentioned on Sunday that GOP senators had the chance to hinder the Pulse nightclub shooter in his AR-15 inquiries, but decided against a bill that would have prohibited the sale of assault rifles to people on federal watch lists, like the one Omar Mateen was on.

Now, we have the names and images of the 50 Republicans who voted against the bill that would have blocked Mateen from the AR-15 purchase that led to the tragic end of 49 lives inside that Orlando gay bar. Sunday morning

These 50 senators have received $27 million from the NRA, leading them to vote against a bill to expand background checks after the San Bernardino terrorist attack. These 50 people have kept America in mortal danger for the sole purpose of lining their pockets.

According to the L.A. Times, Mateen was on a watch list and investigated by the FBI twice in the past two years. Mateen’s wife helped him scout locations for the act of terror, those locations included Disney Orlando, which has days reserved specifically for the LGBT community.

Please contact the executioners pictured above here in regards to the loss of innocent lives that clearly left blood on their hands.

Watch President Obama’s press conference on the shooting below via YouTube: