CNN DEFIANTLY Mops The Floor With Rudy Giuliani For His Blatant Islamophobia After The Orlando Massacre (VIDEO)


Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani sat down for an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday to talk about the recent tragedy in Orlando.

Giuliani tried to equate Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s reluctance to utter the word “gay” with President Obama’s refusal to proclaim that the Orlando shooter’s actions were motivated by “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Cuomo responded, saying:

‘Calling this gay and not using that word and not running away from it because of some sense of identity politics is wrong and you agree with that. Saying “radical Islamic Terror” … you used an analogy, let me reverse it on you. If every time the Mafia made a killing of a murder, they said “Well, those Italians, well there’s something about them, and the mob. There’s something about the Giuliani and the Cuomo.” How would you have felt? You would have been disgusted. It’s one of the things that motivated you as a prosecutor to distinguish the Mafia from the rest of the Italians. That is the same point, is it not? That you can’t talk about all of Islam how you talk about these perversions?’

Cuomo brilliantly pointed out that no one blames all Italians for the acts of the mafia, and that the same fact can be correlated to Muslims as well. Obviously, not all Muslims are “radical Islamic terrorists” like many Republicans have decided to call them.

Cuomo also went on to explain that calling people like Omar Mateen “radical Islamic terrorists” just adds fuel to the fire and associates terrorism with the Islamic religion, when in fact it’s radicalized individuals who co-opted the religion to carry out their destructive agendas.

Giuliani protested, saying:

‘They call themselves the Islamic State.’

Quick-witted Cuomo responded with the perfect response:

‘They do because they want the credit of owning the religion. They want that. Why would you give them what they want?’

Giuliani chimed in, saying:

‘I don’t know why we’re arguing over this. The Obama strategy of not mentioning the name obviously isn’t working. We’ve had four attacks in the last year. The fact is, the weaker you are, the harder they hit you. And there is a connection between radical Islam and attacking gays and lesbians.’

He went on to excuse the U.S. for “arguing” over same-sex marriage rights, saying no one in the United States wants to kill homosexuals. Because apparently, banning a group of individuals’ rights and treating them like second-class citizens is in no way comparable to killing them.

Giuliani continued:

‘We’re at a very different level of civilization. And somebody should point out the superiority of our civilization to the barbarians that we’re facing.’

Cuomo concluded with what was one of the best take-downs ever seen on CNN:

‘I think there’s some politics being played with this. With Donald Trump coming out and seeming to suggest that President Obama has some sympathy, some compromise personally that doesn’t keep him from being tough. With all the troops, with taking out OBL [Osama bin Laden], I mean, it just doesn’t seem like the right kind of rhetoric. I don’t think if you were running you would ever suggest anything like that about a Commander-in-Chief.’

Watch the clip below, via YouTube:

Feature Image is a screengrab via YouTube.