Lady Gaga Inspires America During Heart-Wrenching Tribute To Orlando Victims (VIDEO)


Pop singer and well known LBGT supporter Lady Gaga has outdone herself with one of the most touching tributes to the Orlando shooting victims. Throughout her career, Gaga has spread love and acceptance through her songs, never backing down when bigots tried to tear her down. She has gone above and beyond to bring LGBT awareness, promote self love, and encourage individuality with every performance and song; Gaga has been a true example of being yourself and loving it.

Amidst the terrors of the recent shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, Gaga gave a very heartfelt tribute to Orlando victims. Her message was both empowering and emotional, and, with love and compassion in every word, Gaga broke down.

Gaga’s touching tribute began,

‘I know that you all have been feeling a tremendous range of emotions. Since we’ve all heard about this horrible, hateful attack on Orlando and on your and our community. As we have now witnessed the largest mass shooting in American history, I can’t help but feel that this level of hatred, like all prejudicial crimes, this is an attack on humanity itself. This is an attack on everyone. Tonight I gather humbly with you, as a human being, in peace and sincerity. In commitment. In solidarity. To take a real moment and mourn the tragic loss of these innocent, beautiful people. And lets all today pledge an allegiance of love to them and their families who are suffering so deeply.’

Gaga spread so much support and love through her message, truly helping console the families and friends these victims left behind. She reminded loved ones, as well as the rest of America, that we are one nation and we grieve and support each other accordingly.

Gaga continued,

‘I hope you know that myself and so many, are your allies. Not only me, but everyone here, we represent the compassion and the loyalty of millions of people around the world that believe in you. You are not alone. You are not alone.’

Possibly bringing up one of the most important factors in any stage of grief, Gaga reminded everyone they are not alone. America weeps as a nation and allies across not only the country but across the world are uniting and grieving with the victims of this sickening attack.

Gaga ended her tribute saying,

‘Tomorrow I hope that we all race thoughtfully and loudly towards solutions, but tonight, and right now, Orlando we are united with you and we are here to remember.’

As she finished her speech, she began to read the names of all 49 victims of the horrendous attack. Victims who were not able to go home to their families that night, but instead were murdered for simply being at Pulse. The Orlando shooting is one of the most disgusting hate crimes and the largest mass shooting in the United States, and the victims will forever be remembered by Americans and supporters around the world.

Watch the Tribute for yourself, courtesy of CBSN via YouTube

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