BREAKING: Donald Trump Called To Surprise Deposition TODAY In Lawsuit Over His Racist Comments (QUOTES)


In a breaking update to the saga of Donald Trump’s racism, he will be deposed today in a lawsuit over some of his racist comments.

As CNN reports:

‘Donald Trump will face a deposition Thursday in his lawsuit over a development property in Washington, a source confirmed Wednesday…Trump will be deposed at the offices of the attorneys representing his opponent in the case, chef Geoffrey Zakarian, in Washington. The deposition was ordered by the judge in the case.’

Trump is suing two chefs who pulled out of a Trump development plan for an old post office in Washington, D.C.

The chefs,¬†Geoffrey Zakarian and¬†Jose Andres, who are Armenian-American and Spanish-American, respectively, cited “a potential drop in customer base and negative impact on their employees relating to Trump’s comments.”

Trump alleges that the unlawful chefs broke contract, and it is for that reason that he is suing. The contract, of course, never spelled out that the name which would be soon inseparable from the chefs’ reputations was about to become nationally hated.

Today, America will get to see how Trump’s claims hold up. If the judge rules in favor of the chefs, then Trump’s racism, which he refuses to deny, will be brought to legal accountability for the first time.

Indeed, America has the right to free speech. America has a wellspring of freedom from up inside of it. Does that freedom include the right to attack immigrants? To attack Mexicans? To attack gay men murdered in a terror attack as somehow responsible for their death since they weren’t armed?

No. Trump has raped America’s freedom over and over and over already. Americans don’t need a judge to tell them that. Trump’s presidential campaign is a long shot at best.

Just look at what happens at his rallies. Look at the numbers. The man simply stands up and talks and hundreds of furious Americans appear and protest. He sits obscenely behind Hillary Clinton in a general election match up in every single one of the most reliable models. He is not coming anywhere near the White House.

Outside of the building where Trump is set to be deposed, protesters have already gathered.

Below you can check out a shot of them, via Twitter.

Featured Image is via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.