JUST IN: Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam Stops Show To CRUSH Donald Trump (QUOTES)


Perennial activist and Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder had some strong words for a certain presidential candidate at the 2016 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival held this past weekend.

He spoke to Donald Trump’s plan, which Trump continues to stand by, to build a wall along the border between the United States and Mexico.

Vedder never named Trump, but simply shared what he sarcastically called his “happy thought for the day.”

He said:

‘There’s some candidate out there that’s talking about building a giant wall. You’ve been reading the papers? You’ve been educating? Building a wall — to do what? That would cost how much? That is impossible? That would be disrespectful to millions of human beings? In the country of the United States of America that’s built on exactly the opposite idea? I was thinking about — if there’s an option … maybe we could just build a wall around him. We’d pay for it. I’d pay for it. It’d be cheap, 5 by 5. I’d like a little cinder block window in there so we could all just walk up to it once in a while and just do this [raises middle finger].’

Trump wasn’t the only recipient of Vedder’s criticism, and Vedder wasn’t the only one to dish it out either.

Later on in the show, Vedder read a “letter” that he had written to the sponsor of Tennessee’s version of the North Carolina bathroom bill. Tennessee’s version failed when it was introduced the first time, but its sponsor has vowed to reintroduce it in the fall.

To Tennessee State Representative Susan Lynn, Vedder had this to say:

‘Dear Susan: Susan, there’s a timeline right? This is the present. You’re all in the present. I can see you’re in present. I am in the present. This is past. And.. the future is this way. You don’t want to preclude us from getting into the future. I want you to be on the right side of the future. Because this generation, this generation, and the ones to come, they’re more tolerant, they’re more understanding, they’re more empathetic of others. And Susan you can either be part of history or you can be history. These people want you to make the right decision, am I correct? Susan’s made a promise to do this, we want to tell Susan: Susan, look, it’s OK in this case to break your promise. You’d be very proud, I believe.’

Other musicians at Bonnaroo had equally strong words for those who oppose the LGBT community, along with some others speaking to Trump as well.

The lead singer of Misterwives, who goes by the name Mandy Lee, rallied up her crowd of tens of thousands of fans to her assertion that “we will not allow a racist misogynist to be elected president of the United States of America.”

And the Sunday night finale of the entire festival saw a dramatic assertion from Bob Weir, of Dead and Company.

He said, to repeated rounds of applause:

‘You know, it’s funny — the Lt. Governor of Texas and a distinguished representative in the house from Georgia… Well, that guy last week was reading quotes from the Bible saying how gay people deserved to die. And today, after the incident down in Florida, the Lt. Governor tweeted that, well, “They’re gonna reap what they sow.” I tell you what. I want to ask you a question: Is there a difference between that mindset and the mindset of the folks in the Taliban or ISIS? The hatred and intolerance is the same. They may pull it from different books, but it’s the same f**king thing. Register and vote. Get those a**holes out of there.’

You can watch Weir’s forceful remarks below.

This year’s Bonnaroo festival was the 15th installment of the event, which sees 50,000+ people every year.

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