JUST IN: Active-Duty Marines OPENLY Threaten Gay Bars With Gun Violence (QUOTES)


According to the Marine Corps Times, two active-duty Marines are currently under investigation after posting a picture on social media that threatened gay bars.

The picture, which can be viewed below, is accompanied by the caption, “Coming to a gay bar near you!” and features a corporal in uniform holding a rifle with his finger on the trigger. Along with the post are the words “Too soon?”

 13417609_886293731493987_3860218109443271725_n-197x300 JUST IN: Active-Duty Marines OPENLY Threaten Gay Bars With Gun Violence (QUOTES) Gun Control LGBT Politics Terrorism

The photo was originally posted to a closed Facebook group called Camp MENdleton resale. The group is for male Marines and has over 25,000 members.

After the horrific shooting in Orlando last Sunday, the largest mass shooting in United States history, many people are offended by the threat, whether it was intended as a joke or not.

First Lt. Thomas Gray, who is a spokesman for I MEF, told the Marine Corps Times that they have identified both the Marine in the picture and the Marine who posted the picture on Facebook.

Speaking of the investigation, Gray said, “We cannot discuss details of an ongoing investigation, but I can tell you the command is taking this incident seriously.”

I MEF also released a statement declaring that Marine officials have vowed to take “appropriate action.” Below is another excerpt from the statement, which reminds readers that the Marine Corps does not tolerate discrimination.

‘The Marine Corps does not tolerate discrimination based on sexual orientation, race, gender or religion…This type of behavior and mindset will not be allowed, and it is not consistent with the core values of honor, courage and commitment that are demonstrated by the vast majority of Marines on a daily basis.’

The founder of the Facebook group where the photo was posted, Michael Moss, said that the post was deleted as soon as it was reported and the person who posted it was banned from the group immediately. He was not available for a lengthier comment, but he did say, speaking of the group, “We do not tolerate hate speech.”

The Marines’ threat is not the first to come about since the Orlando shooting.

According to KGTV, a Craigslist San Diego ad was posted on Tuesday titled “We need more Orlando’s [sic].” The post read, “Orlando was long overdue. Cleanse your community of the filth that gives decent gay men and women a bad name. Those people were walking diseases, bug chasers, and thank god for AIDS and 9-11 and now Orlando. San Diego you are next …”

The San Diego Police Department Chief Shelley Zimmerman released this statement regarding the threat:

‘The San Diego Police Department is aware of a recent post on Craigslist that has since been removed. We are investigating it collaboratively with our law enforcement partners. The latest information remains, there are no known credible threats to the San Diego region. As always, we encourage our community if they see something, hear something, or know something, to say something.’

Some may argue that these posts are jokes and should not be taken seriously. In light of the events in Orlando and other mass shootings throughout the country, though, as FBI Special Agent Darrell Foxworth said, “We don’t have the luxury of just looking at this and letting it go.”

Featured image via Facebook.