JUST IN: RNC Says Leaked Document PROVES Clinton’s Nomination Was An Inside Job


The Republican National Committee (RNC) is promoting the conspiracy theory that the presumptive nomination of Hillary Clinton as Democratic nominee was an inside job of the RNC’s Democratic counterpart.

As reported by The Hill:

‘In an email, the RNC sent to reporters a story published by the New York Post about a document that purportedly shows the Democratic National Committee was strategizing to make Hillary Clinton president — and not a generic Democratic candidate — in the spring of 2015.’

The New York Post story cites a document that was leaked by a hacker who goes by the moniker “Guccifer 2.0.” The “original” Guccifer is a hacker based in Romania, recently extradited to the United States for trial, who claims to have breached Hillary Clinton’s infamous private email server.

There is no verification to the supposed internal DNC memo whatsoever. As the New York Post itself reports, “The author of the document is not listed.” What important policy memo of a nation’s major political party has no author listed?

In other words, the latest effort to come out of the RNC is an elaborately orchestrated telephone game of he said, she said. With no verification to go on, the RNC is grasping at air in its efforts to derail Hillary Clinton.

Grasping at air is nothing new for the Republicans trying to salvage their sinking ship of a party. Think, Benghazi. The Republican controlled Congressional Committee designed to “investigate” then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s role in the terror attack on Americans in Benghazi remains a literal freak show.

The “Committee” has tried to call army servicemen whom the Army itself can not locate; it has tried to summon people who called in to radio shows; and it has made virtually no mention of any individual other than Hillary Clinton. Neither has there been established any committee to investigate anyone else.

Clinton was effectively officially cleared some time ago by an official report from the State Department. But the Congressional Republicans are still at it, claiming that somehow, magically, Clinton’s usage of a private email magically inspired terrorists to take American lives.

The Republicans have good reason, in fact, very good reason to be so desperate. Their presumptive nominee is Donald Trump, who has just reached one of highest unfavorabilty ratings for the election cycle.

Americans hate Donald Trump, and angry voters don’t vote for the object of their anger. With such a high prevalence of cross ticket voting, the flaming ship of the Trump-mobile is likely to take down many other Republicans with it.

It’s not just hate that worries the Republicans. Nearly every poll and model from before the point that Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee has him nearly insurmountably down to Hillary Clinton. The only candidate who would have stood a chance on the Republican side in the general election, John Kasich, is long gone.

An official from the DNC itself did respond to the “leak,” calling it part of a “disinformation campaign” by the Russians and acknowledging in the meantime that there was a data breach. The Russians have already expressed a preference for a Trump presidency over a Clinton one.

Featured Image is via Marc Nozell on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.