BREAKING: Apple Drops ALL Support Of GOP Convention, Their Reason Is Incredible (VIDEO)


Unlike in previous years, Apple will not be lending to the Republican National Convention in any way this year.

There could only be one reason for this, and we all know the answer: Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and his mouth.

Apple isn’t the only major corporation that has gone out of their way to distance themselves from Trump and everything he’s attached to, including the Republican National Convention being held in Cleveland this July. Apple joins Wells Fargo, Motorola Solutions, JPMorgan Chase Co., Ford, and UPS.

Politico reports that Apple informed the Republican National Committee that they won’t tolerate comments like the ones Trump has made about women, immigrants, and minorities.

Some giants of the tech world, including Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, have said they will still provide some support. Microsoft, however, will not be donating cash, only technical services.

Apple has made it clear that they will not be supplying anything at all to help the party choose a candidate that has attacked them. They’ve also made it clear that this is only because of Donald Trump.

At one point on the campaign trail this past year, Trump called for a boycott of Apple products. Trump was attacking the company’s response to the FBI asking for help “cracking” the San Bernardino shooter’s phone.

Watch Trump calling for the boycott of Apple here:

A GOP spokeswoman, when asked about Apple’s absence from the convention this year, responded:

‘We are working with a variety of major tech partners who are focused on being a part of the American political process.’

When the Democrats refused corporate contributions in 2012, Apple decided to sit out both parties’ conventions. Apple provided close to $140,000 in MacBook computers and other technology for conventions for both parties in 2008. There have been no statements made about whether the Democrats will receive any support from Apple this year.

Mary Alice Crim, field director for Free Press Action Fund, warned tech companies about backing the GOP convention, saying:

‘We want them to divest from hate. We want them to pull all their money and support. Tech companies need to be thinking hard about where they put their brand, and whether they want to align their brand with racism, hatred, and misogyny.’

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