Elizabeth Warren Goes BERSERK At New Hampshire Convention, Compares Trump To Rodent (QUOTES)


Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren continues her fiery attacks on the right.

As CNN reports:

‘A week after endorsing Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren on Saturday fired off a two-pronged attack against Donald Trump and former rival Scott Brown.’

Warren addressed the New Hampshire state Democratic convention, saying:

‘I’m here to apologize. You see, back when I beat Scott Brown in 2012, I never expected him to pack up his truck, move to New Hampshire and become your problem.’

Warren defeated Brown in the 2012 race for the Massachusetts Senate seat she now holds. After losing to Warren, Brown moved to New Hampshire and ran an unsuccessful campaign against one of the state’s incumbent US Senators, Democrat Jeanne Shaheen.

Warren went on, discussing Brown’s rising association with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump:

‘I hear Donald Trump is floating Scott Brown as a possible running mate,And I thought, “Ah, so Donald Trump really does have a plan to help the unemployed.” You know, Scott Brown for Vice President makes sense. Let’s face it: Nobody knows more about losing to a girl than Scott Brown. It’s the perfect reality TV show ticket — “Celebrity Apprentice” meets the “Biggest Loser.”’

Warren has carried on a conflict with Trump for some time now, as Trump has coined one of his signature schoolyard bully nicknames for her and mocked Warren’s Native American heritage, derogatorily calling her “Pocahontas.”

The Massachusetts Senator stayed neutral in the Democratic primary race until after Clinton was declared the presumptive nominee, having surpassed the required number of delegates needed to secure the nomination.

Warren has long been seen as more left leaning than Clinton- in fact, much more left leaning. Warren’s endorsement of Clinton-and her effectively anti-Trump remarks- are both in the context of the Democratic Party’s desperation for some semblance of unity going into the general election.

The road to that unity is long and uphill. US Senator Bernie Sanders refuses to concede the nomination to Clinton and drop out of the race. He has expressed hope to at least be able to use his stature at the convention to pull the party platform to the left.

The official Sanders campaign rhetoric that he hopes to win the nomination through swaying delegates to his side in the weeks before the convention has somewhat died down.

Nonetheless, tens of thousands of his strongest supporters are planning massive protests for the streets of Philadelphia during the convention come the end of July.

A large number of them, according to some estimates up to 1 in 3 Sanders supporters, have taken the “Bernie or Bust” pledge. “Bernie or Bust” refers to a refusal to vote for Hillary Clinton in November on the part of those who have pledged as such.

Some plan to write in Bernie Sanders, while others plan to support the far left third party candidate Dr. Jill Stein, of the Green Party. Still others may stay home, and some Sanders supporters have even expressed a willingness to vote for Donald Trump.

That last group of voters points to why the Democratic Party is so desperate for unity- Donald Trump. A longtime master manipulator is up against the aging power structure of the Democrats for which many voters have a strong distaste.

Putting power concerns aside, the leaders of the Democratic party are desperate to stop the fascism that Trump and his minions, like Scott Brown, want to force on the United States.

Featured Image is via Edward Kimmel on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.