‘Patriot’ Gun Shop Owner Shot Dead By Customer During Concealed Carry Class (FACTS)


In Monroe Township, Ohio, authorities have reported that the owner of a gun shop has been killed during a concealed carry safety course.

The shop’s owner, James Baker, was shot in the neck while students were taking a concealed carry weapon’s drill. The man’s friends and family described him as a good man and said his loss was a blow to the town.

 ‘I seen like 15 sheriff’s cars come, two ambulances, and I was waiting on the helicopter to come pick him up you know, but it didn’t. And they put yellow tape around and I knew he was dead.

An accident like that, it’s not, it’s bad, just terrible for the family, so I feel very bad for them,’

Baker’s shop was a fixture of the community and people interviewed spoke highly of the man.

Sheriff’s and the cops come in and out all the time cause they loved him, you know, everybody did. All the neighbors did. So it’s a tragic thing that happened. …He’s just a great guy, I mean, I can’t believe it happened, it’s hard to believe, just a really good guy. I’m going to miss him because he was a good neighbor.’

This was certainly a tragedy for the town, but it also raises an interesting question in relation to the recent debate about gun control. Many conservatives, even those who have came out in favor of banning assault weapons, such as Fox New’s Gretchen Carson, have used the “good guy with a gun” argument in response to the Orlando shooting.

The argument goes that if more people had guns then shootings such as the one in Orlando would be less deadly simply because someone could take the shooter out before he did too much harm. This story highlights a major problem with that argument. Baker was killed during a routine training exercise that he had probably done dozens of times.

If an accident like this could occur in a controlled environment, it’s highly probable that panicked civilians opening fire in a crowded nightclub could have led to even more deaths. We’re not saying we should ban all guns, but the answer to the question of gun safety isn’t giving everyone a gun.

Earlier in this story we mentioned Gretchen Carson calling for a ban on assault weapons. You can check out the clip of that segment here: