WATCH: Former Heartthrob Scott Baio Delivers INSANELY Racist Anti-Obama RANT On Fox (VIDEO)


Former teen heartthrob, Scott Baio, is giving his expert political advice once again, leaving America to wonder how he was ever a beloved member of American pop culture. This isn’t the first time Baio has let his political feelings be known.

Back in March, the actor came forward to endorse Donald Trump for president, leading America to believe Baio must have been the victim of some kind of blunt force trauma to the head. Now, nearly two and a half months later, Baio has spoken out about the way in which President Obama handled the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando, Florida.

Sounding a tad like Mr. Nugent, Baio acted a complete ass when he was a guest on Fox Business Insider this week. Baio went on a nonsensical tangent about the POTUS being either a “Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer.”

This, when President Obama called for a ban on assault rifles after the worst mass shooting in America’s history. The president also announced that he would not use classification stereotypes like “Islamic extremists” when referring to Muslim terrorists.

Baio said this about the president:

“he’s dumb, he’s Muslim or he’s a Muslim sympathizer.”

“And I don’t think he’s dumb.”

Baio continued, questioning Obama’s “end game:”

“Is it to totally eliminate the United States as it was created and founded and the way it is now? I’m baffled by the lack of anything happening.”

It’s not really clear what Baio thinks the President should be doing, but it is certain that being a peaceful, empathetic human is not one of them. Like a typical Republican, Baio wants to see President Obama fighting mad and ready to wage war on the Middle East after a man born in Queens, NY committed mass murder within his own nationality.

Watch the video courtesy of YouTube: