Woman Escapes Violent Rape & Runs Into Store But Is REFUSED Help By Employees (DETAILS)


A Massachusetts woman who escaped her home after being threatened with death and being raped and brutalized by her boyfriend was initially denied help by passersby.

She was also “told to leave” a store into which she fled seeking help.

As reported by Masslive.com:

‘A Lawrence [Massachusetts] woman who says her boyfriend tied her up, raped her and threatened to shoot her initially couldn’t get help when she escaped from the Newberry Street apartment she’d been held in. The Eagle-Tribune reports the woman ran naked into the street, with her hands still bound behind her and screaming that someone was trying to kill her as people seeing her looked and did nothing.’

As a collective, the United States is inundated with stories of violence, including rape and mass murder, nearly every day. There have been lengthy recorded documentations of the effects of this, including something as simple as the television program “What Would You Do?”

The program, hosted by veteran television anchor John Quiñones, stages situations that, if real, would have put someone in grave, often lethal danger. As you might guess -or remember- most people did nothing.

Cases like this one out of Massachusetts are not taken seriously in the national conversation. Instead, simply looking at the volume of mentions in national media, Americans take other things much more seriously than rape and murder.

Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton’s emails. War, war, and more war. Bernie Sanders supporters responses to Hillary Clinton’s response to Donald Trump’s response to Orlando…you get the picture.

All the while, people are dying. People are being brutalized in completely preventable circumstances. The pace of America’s addiction to gun violence has not slowed since last week’s massacre in Orlando.

The Massachusetts victim’s boyfriend, Keyvin “Ghetto” Gil, violated her and threatened her with a gun, a gun which was reported stolen in 2014. As further reported by MassLive.com:

‘According to several reports, the victim told police her boyfriend, Keyvin “Ghetto” Gil, was upset and accused her of taking his marijuana. The woman said Gil pointed a gun at her and used it to violate her. She said two days later he raped her and told her he would wait for her daughters to come home so she could say goodbye to them before he would shoot her. It was then, the woman told police, Gil tied her with clothesline. He then burned her body with a lit cigarette, she told police. The woman was able to free her legs and escape with her wrists still bound after Gil fell asleep.’

What if a national measure for the prevention of gun violence would have stopped Gil from ever getting his hands on the weapon he used in his crimes? We’ll never know. His girlfriend was already made a victim, and while you are reading this story, the number of victims having to survive under similar circumstances continues to increase.

How many times must the question be asked? What has to happen to put the serious issues back at the top of the national agenda?

How much longer will people sit back and watch as national leader after national leader gives their stamp of approval for these things to happen by voting down safety measures?

Featured Image, of the attacker covering his face in court, is via Screenshot from WCVB.