Scotland Flies Mexican Flags To SPITE Donald Trump Ahead OF Visit (DETAILS)


Donald Trump likes to talk about how popular he is and about how many people love him, but the Republican nominee isn’t too popular in Scotland. A few months ago a recently purchased Trump golf course was stripped of a very prestigious tournament in protest of some of his more offensive and outlandish statements and it looks like the Scots haven’t warmed on him in the in the intervening months.

Turnberry isn’t the only Scottish golf course that has given him troubles. A much smaller course he opened in 2012 has been plagued by controversy and legal battles due to environmental concerns. The sand dunes that Trump’s company bulldozed in order to build the course were given protected status due to rarity and ecological value. The GOP nominee had to fight a series of legal battles in order to do so. Now two of the golf courses neighbors, one of whom was involved in the conservation efforts to protect the dunes, are planning on staging a bit of a protest.

David Fine and Michael Forbes are planning to fly Mexican flags so that Trump will see them when he comes to the smaller golf course.  Fine says it is an attempt to show solidarity with the people of Mexico along with everyone else Trump has offended.

It’s just to show solidarity with the Mexican people and everyone else that Trump has derided, insulted and intimidated.’

In addition to to being a show of unity, the flags are also a jab at Trump’s plan to erect a 25-meter tall flag pole on the course. The real estate developer recently received permission to put a pole up on part of the course because the view was blocked by tree lines. However, the second one would be in open view of the coast and has been denied. He is currently appealing that decision. The council that voted to deny Trump permission to build the flag said it was “overbearing and out of proportion in its setting.” At this point, we wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t talking about Trump himself.

The Mexican flags are, of course, a jab at Trump’s highly controversial proposal to build a wall around Mexico, but it turns out he is already building walls in Scotland.  A couple that lives next to Trump’s course, John and Susie Munro, say that the earth walls Trump’s crews built around the golf course have completely blocked their view of the coast. They do not have a flag pole so are planning on hanging a Mexican flag from the window or a wall.

‘We want to draw the comparison between his claims that he’s going to build a wall next to MEXICO and that fact that he did in fact put one around my property.’

Perhaps it would be best if GOP nominee simply stayed out of the United Kingdom all together because it appears he isn’t welcome in that part of the world. Even British Prime Minister David Cameron has voiced his distaste for the man saying Trump would unite the country.

I’f he came to visit our country, I think he would unite us all against him.’

Featured image via Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.