BREAKING: At Least 30,000 Gallons Of Crude Oil Leak Into Southern California Waters (DETAILS)


The Ventura County fire department is reporting that 700 barrels of crude oil, approximately 29,000 gallons, were spilled from a pipeline in southern California.

At 5:30 A.M. PST, the leak was spotted. The leak flowed in the direction of a nearby beach but stopped in time. The Los Angeles Times reports that officials are relying on a natural catch basin that exists in the area to capture the oil while crews work on building bigger barriers.

According to officials, the operating line for the pipeline has been shut down. The oil belongs to Aera Energy, which is owned by Shell and ExxonMobil. Crimson Pipeline owns the pipeline.

It was just about a year ago that California suffered the largest coastal oil spill it has had in 25 years, just west of Ventura.

Officials are in clean up mode at the moment and have stated that there is no threat of any more oil spilling at this time.